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weight loss in obesity

Many people resort to restrictive diets to lose weight and fight obesity. These traditional measures do not work, especially if the person has a serious medical condition resulting from obesity (because they could get worse).

In the case of people with obesity, and given that the problem is more complex, the treatment must be more specialized and personalized.

Although all treatments follow some common guidelines, such as improving the patient’s diet and lifestyle, the indicated treatment will depend on the state of health and the amount of weight to be lost.

How to fight obesity?

Next we are going to deal with one of the fundamental aspects to combat obesity.

diet for weight control

Since to lose weight it is necessary to eat fewer calories than those consumed daily, in a weight loss process it will be essential to make some changes in diet and increase daily caloric expenditure.

It is essential to acquire healthy eating and lifestyle habits in order to maintain the results over time.

Restrictive diets or “miracle diets” should not be followed. The change of habits should be advised by a nutritional team that knows the patient’s medical history, so that it can be adapted to their health status and goals. In general, the following guidelines can be followed:

  • Reduction of calories ingested
  • Consumption of satiating foods
  • Base the diet on unprocessed and fresh foods
  • Reduce consumption of ultra-processed foods

At Obymed we are specialized obesity center where we always find the best technique adapted to each patient.

Do not hesitate to contact us to help you on this path.

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