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Wedding party decoration with candles

In the past, candles were used as lighting resources, preceding electrical distribution systems. However, their usefulness has not been forgotten, so that nowadays candles play an important decorative role, as they provide a soft and very refined luminosity to an environment.

In this context, many people choose to use this resource for wedding decoration, since, on a special occasion, all the charm of natural lighting becomes fundamental to mark the ceremony. Therefore, for those who wish to invest more in this resource, see below how to make a wedding decor with candles🇧🇷

See how to insert candles into your wedding party decor (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

decorate a wedding with candles besides being very fun, it is something that allows the development of your creativity. To begin with, you can define the shape patterns – whether circular, rectangular, etc., for the candles and have them made to order.

Find out where to find decorative candle factories.

If you prefer, you can also insert them into lanterns, in case the party takes place outdoors or, even, in case the candles are in strategic places. THE wedding decor with candles allows you to place them both on the bride and groom’s table and on the guests’ table and even replace chandeliers.

You have the possibility to choose the format of your candles, through custom orders (Photo: Disclosure)

Wedding candle colors

According to some popular beliefs, candle colors can bring good energy to your marriage. Therefore, for those who believe or even want to choose a special color to decorate the party, get to know the meaning of candle colors at a wedding🇧🇷

Blue candle: Symbolizes strength, power, faith, money, business, work and spiritual cleansing, being ideal for those who want a peaceful and happy marriage.

Yellow candle: Symbolizes communication, exchange, justice and wisdom, bringing energies of balance and prosperity.

Pink Candle: This is the most perfect color for weddings as it symbolizes the emotional union of soul mates.

Candle colors can bring more joy and good energy to your wedding (Photo: Disclosure)

White candle: This color is for those who want harmony, peace, balance and happiness. According to popular beliefs, white wards off the evil eye.

Green Candle: This color of wedding candle attracts good energies for the health and well-being of the bride and groom.

Red candle: Symbolizes dynamism, strength and courage as well as the lack of problems in the intimate life of the couple.

Violet candle: Represents intelligence and spiritual life, bringing vibrations against negative thoughts.

Below are some examples of wedding decor with candles🇧🇷

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