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Wedding lunch decoration: tips, photos

There are several ways to organize a reception after the wedding ceremony. If the marriage is celebrated during the morning, the bride and groom can gather their guests to share a delicious lunch.

Decorated environment for wedding lunch. (Photo: Disclosure)

O lunch lets you take advantage of natural light of the day and also offers many possibilities to compose the decoration of the party environment. The choice of menu, utensils, tablecloths, flowers and other adornments are fundamental for the fraternization to become unforgettable.

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types of wedding lunch

Couples who want to save money or organize a more intimate event can opt for a wedding breakfast🇧🇷 The idea is elegant, discreet and compatible with any space, such as the garden of the house, a hotel or an inn. As the event is restricted to a few people, the menu can be more elaborate.

O summer lunch combines with an outdoor reception, in which nature is part of the decoration itself. The proposal is much less laborious than a traditional wedding dinner, but requires a menu adapted to the season and the preferences of the guests.

Wedding lunch is much more economical than dinner. (Photo: Disclosure)

O winter lunch it should be held, preferably, in a closed place so that the guests do not feel so cold. The hottest flavors match the season, but without compromising the typical lightness of the midday meal.

Before serving the main lunch dishes, the reception can count on brunch, which consists of mixing breakfast with lunch🇧🇷

Tips for decorating the wedding lunch

Check out tips for getting it right wedding lunch decoration🇧🇷

• The place reserved for the reception must be decorated with flowers, which enhance the main color palette. If the party is outdoors, it is possible to take advantage of the trees and flowerbeds in the decoration.

• There is not so much concern with light, after all, daylight is used to the fullest.

• Guest tables must be dressed with smooth and delicate tablecloths. The pieces need to combat any kind of visual pollution.

• The centerpiece color should harmonize with the rest of the table.

Thinking about the details is essential to create a pleasant environment. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Round tables allow guests to talk without much discomfort. However, the bride and groom can also bet on a large rectangular table.

• Crockery and cutlery must be arranged on each guest table.

• O table center can be replaced by the wedding souvenir.

• It is important to reserve a table for the cake and sweets. It should be well decorated with flowers, as it will be the subject of many photos.

• A large table can be set up with the lunch delicaciesso guests will feel free to serve themselves.

• The small details make all the difference in the decor, so it’s important to pay attention to the embellishments and give the adornments a personal touch. A flower on the napkin or a vase of flowers on top of the plate are interesting ideas.

Photos of decorated wedding lunches

Look pictures of decorated wedding lunches and get inspired:

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