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Wedding invitations 2017 trends and models

You wedding invitations 2017 are conquering the preference of couples all over Brazil. The models seek to value the main trends of the moment and also bet on a pinch of creativity.

Invitations with handcrafted details are on the rise. (Ilustrative Photo)

Choosing the invitation is a very important step in the preparations for the wedding, after all, it works as a kind of presentation of the event to the guests. A celebration with a rustic style, for example, calls for an invitation made with eco-friendly paper and jute.

The invitation design should portray the couple’s personality and the wedding party’s proposal. In addition to thinking about the format, texture, type of paper and interaction with guests, it is also essential to include basic information about the ceremony and party, such as date, time and address.

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Looking for wedding invitation ideas for groomsmen? Then consider ordering the model with the plasma screen. The play, which was very successful at Preta Gil’s wedding, presents a video of up to 11 minutes on a small screen. This technology is a luxurious, modern and expensive choice!

coloring wedding invitation

Coloring wedding invitation.  (Photo: Reproduction/Elo7)

Coloring wedding invitation. (Photo: Reproduction/Elo7)

The success of coloring books was the inspiration for this different, fun and modern wedding invitation. The model has complex designs and comes with a small box of coloring pencils.

It seems that handcrafted wedding invitations have become a rage among brides, proof of which is the model decorated with lace. The piece is delicate, elegant and embodies all the romanticism of the occasion.

Couples who don’t want to make a simple wedding invitation can opt for laser finishing. This technique is interesting because it makes strategic cuts on the paper and creates leaked details. The feature can also be used to customize wedding candy wrappers.

Laser cut invitation.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Laser cut invitation. (Ilustrative Photo)

handcrafted details

Handcrafted details are on the rise, mainly benefiting couples who intend to have a more romantic and intimate wedding. Among the main trends, it is worth highlighting personalized design, watercolor painting and the application of printed fabric.

different formats

The creativity of the bride and groom has everything to gain more strength in this year of 2017. The wedding invitation can be prepared imitating a plane ticket, vinyl record, playing card, puzzle, cage and even medicine box.

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