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Wedding invitation: tips, trends

The wedding invitation stands out as the first contact between the bride and groom and their guests. This element occupies an important position in the list of preparations for the event and must be defined as soon as possible.

Invitation to an eco-friendly wedding. (Photo: Disclosure)

O ideal wedding invitation fulfills the function of presenting the main characteristics of the event. For example, if the celebration is going to embrace a sustainable proposal, the piece needs to convey the idea of ​​preserving the environment to the guests.

What this article covers:

Tips for choosing the wedding invitation

Check out a selection of tips for choosing wedding invitations🇧🇷

• It’s always interesting to take advantage of new ideas for wedding invitations so as not to be like everyone else;

• When choosing the wedding invitation templateit is important for the bride and groom to portray their lifestyle, through typography, illustrations, colors, textures and cutouts;

• There are several options for styles for the invitation follow, like the traditional, the rustic and the cool;

• A choice of paper for the invitation is a fundamental criterion. Recyclable and metallic ones tend to be more expensive and don’t always suit the bride and groom’s budget. The national matte papers are the most accessible to the pocket;

It is worth investing in the personalization of the invitation. (Photo: Disclosure)

• It’s worth investing in personalization, even if the invitation emphasizes traditional style. Some detail that represents the couple can be incorporated into the design of the piece, such as a caricature or a phrase from a remarkable song for the relationship;

• The bride and groom need to be in contact with the suppliers and experience the process of making the invitation;

• The quantity of envelopes ordered must always be greater;

• O print type most used for wedding invitations is the American relief, which is not expensive and guarantees a great result;

• It’s not enough just to make a invitation with attractive designit is also important to offer information to the guests, such as the names of the bride and groom, location of the ceremony, date and time.

2013 wedding invitation trends

Invitations that lavish creativity are on the rise. (Photo: Disclosure)

See below some wedding invitation trends🇧🇷

• If the wedding will take place in an outdoor environment, such as the countryside or the beach, it is worth betting on a rustic invitation, made with craft paper, jute, straw, twigs, among other materials that emphasize nature;

• The use of caricatures of the couple to illustrate the wedding invitation is on the rise;

• The Love Birds theme is influencing the design of invitations;

🇧🇷 Invitations in different formatsas is the case with a small box;

• Envelopes with design that imitates lace;

• Details with satin ribbon make the invitation more delicate;

• Different print on envelope lining.

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