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Wedding Factory Registration 2022

Fábrica de Casamento is a Brazilian reality show created by Daniela Busoli CEO and founder of “Formata Produções”, the program airs through the Brazilian Television System (SBT), created in March 2017, has 4 seasons recorded with 52 episodes, the last episode aired on August 8, 2020, it is likely that new episodes will be recorded soon.

To find out if the SBT production is making recordings for the next seasons of the program, the candidate interested in participating can enter the registration page of the SBT website and check the list of open registrations on the website, each time a segment or program performs new registrations the page offers the amount of participation determined by the production, when the icon of the program is not found in the list it means that the frame or program is not being produced at that moment.

Fábrica de Casamentos is a program that aims to produce a complete wedding party for a couple who face difficulties in fulfilling this dream, the program is led by journalist Cris Flores and chef Carlos Bertolazi.

Check here on the Mundo das Tribos website how to register and participate in the program !

What this article covers:

How the Program Works

Fábrica de Casamento is not a show, despite promoting this dream and being similar to some frames that already exist on Brazilian television, “Fábrica de Casamento” consists of a program that airs at night on SBT, because it is a production created by CEO Daniela Bussoli, nothing also prevents the program from being presented for some reason with another presenter’s programming, although unlikely since many of SBT’s programs already have similar frames to meet this demand.

Fábrica de Casamento then works with sponsorships and funds independent of any other program, intended only for the production of the event, to participate it is necessary to fill out the registration form on the SBT website, look for the icon of the program “Fábrica de Casamentos”, fill in the personal and contact information and tell your story why you want to make your dream of getting married come true.

The program sponsors everything to carry out the wedding, including the party and Bertoluti’s confectionery, also the costumes for the bridesmaids and groomsmen guests, the bride’s dress, the groom’s clothing, hair, makeup and the salon where the event will be held, depending on the story told. the program can also sponsor a different marriage proposal if the couple has not yet made this step official.

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who can participate

Any couple can participate in the program, the production looks for stories of encounters or marriages that found it difficult to be carried out, the important thing is that the couple knows a great love story and share this story in the registration form that will be left on the SBT website, a film can also be recorded, those chosen are surprised with the visit of Chris Flores who will start the wedding announcements and party preparations along with the production.

The church, the civil wedding and the meeting of the guests, everything will be arranged by the program team, candidates of all religions can apply, the production must read the couple’s story and arrange everything for the couple to have the wedding of their dreams. church, with a pastor provided by the production or just civil, don’t forget to tell details about your dream how you want to get married, in addition to the dress, inform the place you want to have the wedding party and also why this dream has not yet been fulfilled.

How to register Wedding Factory

To register and participate in the “Wedding Factory” program on the Brazilian Television System (SBT) is very simple, just enter the SBT website and choose “Inscriptions” in the side menu bar, now click on the “Wedding Factory” program icon ” and fill in all the requested information, record a video, you can leave a video or YouTube link telling your story, also pay attention to the text sent, the producer must choose the best stories to be shown on the program.

  1. Enter the address of the SBT website in your computer’s browser: www. sbt.com.br🇧🇷 If you are using a cell phone, go to the Google website and type SBT, the SBT website will appear in the search and access the website menu, click on “Registrations”.
  2. On the SBT website, access the side or top menu and click on the “Registration” button. Okay, now you are on the SBT Registration Page with access to the list of programs and groups that are making recordings with public participation, choose the “Fábrica de Casamentos” icon.
  3. Fill in all the information to register on the site, remember that information such as address, email and contact telephone number are important for the production to locate the participant quickly, also leave a film telling the story of the couple, the film and registration can be done by third parties or is a person who would like to see the couple’s dream come true, pay attention to the text and send the content, the production will contact the chosen stories. Good luck!

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