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Wedding decoration

The wedding day has already been set, now the concern is with the wedding decoration, because whether it is a church or a party, the decoration must be well planned and for everything to be right, it is necessary to have time and performance. It is not easy to choose all the details for the decoration, it is a lot of detail that sometimes goes unnoticed, but that if missing makes a big difference. But, calm down, rest assured that we have prepared here some good tips that range from the traditional to something more daring, while still maintaining class and elegance.

Wedding Decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

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Wedding decoration

Many brides hire specialized companies to make the wedding decoration and not having to get involved with anything, but there is a minority that insists on being present and participating in all the details of the party, no matter how small. Women are born with the matchmaking instinct and since they were little they dream of a house that is just theirs, furniture, children and husband to complete the scenario. It’s no wonder that little girls already like to play mommy and make food, because marriage has already been celebrated since the early days before Christ.

Table with the cake is one of the most important points of decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

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Wedding Decoration Tips

For those who prefer to save money on decorators and intend to decorate their wedding, they can choose to look for ideas in magazines or on the Internet through electronic addresses. This blog is here to help you in your decision. Check out some addresses below:

Sometimes you don’t need to exaggerate to look beautiful, simplicity can also be a gift (Illustrative Photo)

Through some tips and using your creativity, you will definitely make a decoration at the height of the event, but of course with much more work and dedication. Sometimes it is not worth not hiring this type of service, because the hassle and work is so much that when the wedding day arrives, the bride is finished and cannot even relax and enjoy her unique and special moment which she fought so hard for. to happen. Think about it!

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Modern Wedding Decoration

Both the wedding and the party should have a slight harmony in the decoration (Illustrative Photo)

If you are the modern bride type and don’t want to go to great lengths in the decoration, then you can choose to have a modern party that consists of practicality and the enjoyment of the moment by both the bride and groom and the guests. After the religious ceremony, take your guests to a club to party, just add some vases of flowers to the decoration and a little different lighting on the cake table. Surely the photos will be relaxed and funny as the special moment should be.

Traditional Wedding Party

The decoration is very important to be able to preserve the unforgettable moments of the wedding couple with their friends and family, so make the decoration your way and with your style. Take advantage of seasonal flowers that are more affordable for decoration, placing thin and transparent fabrics on pillars and windows enrich the environment. The most important thing is to make the couple and their guests feel good at the party and enjoy every minute of happiness for the couple.

Elements such as a candle and white objects give an air of elegance (Illustrative Photo)

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Wedding souvenirs

The souvenirs are a treat for the guests, so try to give them something that reminds them of the decor, like the dressed up bride and groom that are on top of the cake and that are the feeling of the party. The decoration itself must be harmonized with all the details of the party, even the souvenirs, in colors, in meaning and in all the joy that the moment offers.

Souvenirs vary according to the decoration theme (Photo: Disclosure)

Wedding decor can be simple or complex, but what matters is that both have the same meaning and the same meaning for those who marry a union ceremony that should be for life. Don’t let anything spoil this moment, make it unique and etched in your memory and that of your guests. Decorate with care and dedication, do everything with love and you will certainly not regret it, because this is a unique moment in a woman’s life and it must be special, because your party will certainly be a success.


The decoration has everything to do with the style of the couple

When planning the party, remember that the decor has to convey the idea of ​​the couple joining together. Take the opportunity to show that you two are adding love, strength and dedication. Convey the idea of ​​items that you both like in the decor.

Decoration represents the moment of the couple (Illustrative Photo)

It seems that men really don’t care about these details, but you will certainly be able to convince your fiancé to join the dance and make this whole process lighter for you and for him. The main thing is to write down ideas, tastes and then go on selecting what fits in your pocket, if it’s also nice for the guests.


Many couples have bet on more elaborate sweets to give as wedding souvenirs (Illustrative Photo)

In the case of souvenirs, the options are variable and the couple can bet on items that will be useful for the guests. In the photo above, we see a perfume kit, a fragrance that the couple likes. This is interesting, as guests can use or even leave it as an ornament in a home environment. Another cool idea is like a wine bottle opener, nothing more useful and elegant for any age, right?


Aren’t you forgetting something?

Another important element in a wedding, which even has decorative details, and which in a way opens the event with a golden key, is the invitation. Many people think that the invitation is not something that needs to match the party, so far that is up to you to decide. But, the really cool thing is to have one more detail in the invitation that already causes a suspense of how the event will be. For example, those who want to get married and have a party in the 80s style can look for decorative elements to insert in the printed material.

It is possible to leave the pattern with elegance (Illustrative Photo)

As in the photo, whoever sees the invitation is already left with a taste of wanting more or even reminiscing about the past. So, it’s time to plan and put the big dream into practice. After all, marriage is something amazing and the party marks this moment! Immerse yourself with love in this remarkable moment of the couple.

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