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Wedding decoration with flowers 2015

THE dwedding decor with flowers 2015 is one of the main trends this year, as it has been happening for a long time, appearing both in churches and in spaces where the bride and groom are received, right after the religious ceremony.

Wedding decoration with flowers 2015 (Illustrative Photo)

Contrary to what it may seem, decorating a wedding with flowers is not a very easy task, as the choice of the type of flowers and arrangements that will be used must take into account several factors, such as the theme of the party, the environment, the style of the bride and groom. and even the season of the year, among other things, so that everything is in harmony.

It is also necessary to think about the sizes, volumes and heights of the flowers, so that the arrangements do not become too heavy or disappear in the middle of the environment, in addition to avoiding flowers with a strong scent on the guest tables, as they can disturb and leave food and drinks with the same smell/taste.

Wedding flower decoration ideas

What this article covers:

Wedding decoration with flowers 2015

At the reception, care must be taken when choosing flowers (Illustrative Photo)

Thinking of decorating your wedding with flowers? One of the main points to consider is how to choose flowers for wedding🇧🇷 In that case, choose according to the season in which you are getting married.

In autumn, for example, daisy, angelica, gardenia and lion’s mouth are good options, while for winter, it’s worth betting on tulip, azalea, lotus flower, cherry tree and pansy. As for spring, good alternatives are rose, carnation, narcissus, astromelia and gerbera, and for summer, lily, calla lily, camellia, field flower and dahlia.

It’s also good to pay attention to the meanings of flowers and their colors, especially if you want to harmonize the entire decor. The rose means love, the carnation fertility, the tulip elegance and sensitivity, the orchid desire and sexuality, the glass of milk purity and the gerbera joy.

The choice must take into account whether the ceremony will take place during the day or at night (Illustrative Photo)

Decoration with artificial flowers for wedding

There are also flowers for the day and flowers for the night, the choice of which will depend on the time of the ceremony and party. During the day, bet on smaller, soft-colored flowers, while at night, invest in larger, voluminous flowers with stronger colors.

Other tips for decorating a wedding with flowers

The choice of flowers also depends on the season in which the wedding will take place (Illustrative Photo)

Wedding, flowers most used in decoration

Between the tips for using flowers in wedding decorit is also worth mentioning:

  • Exotic flowers are indicated for modern and bold weddings.
  • Be careful that the arrangements do not disturb the circulation of guests.
  • Don’t place the flowers too close to candles, as they can wither and darken faster.

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