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Wedding decoration: trends 2014

Planning the wedding requires time, patience and dedication, so that everything happens in the best possible way, providing an unforgettable night of joy, not only for the couple and their family, but also for their guests. So, the wedding decoration is very important in this process. It is with her that the couple will convey their joy and affection to everyone, as well as provide them with a different mood, with carefully chosen objects. See some of 2014 wedding decor trendsūüáßūüá∑

Intimate decor, including the couple’s personal objects, is a trend for 2014 (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

This has already been a trend and will continue in 2014. intimate decor wedding conveys to the guests an atmosphere of welcome and comfort and makes them feel that they really are an important part of the event.

It is worth saying that this type of decoration can be done for a party with few people or not. The decorator’s skill allows transmitting this warmth even to a large number of guests.

Similarly, the style home wedding can be used outdoors and indoors. Basically, this type of decoration seeks to make the environments very personalized, with elements that have to do with the couple. This type of decoration includes personal objects of the bride and groom or their families, as well as other details that refer to their lives.

For decorate in Home Wedding style, however, care must be taken. The choice of elements must be dosed, so that there is no exaggeration and the environments become visually polluted. The ideal is always to seek balance, in shapes and colors.

Lamps and candles are also a trend for this year (Photo: Disclosure)

THE wedding decoration with lights and candles is one more among the trends for 2014. It is an alternative for those who want to use essential elements in the decoration, without exaggeration. Flowers and objects in classic tones make the environment sophisticated and cozy, which gains a very special effect, with the small flames of the candles and the lights. There can be countless types of lighting fixtures, whether pendulous or on furniture, it doesn’t matter. The effect is one of sophistication and welcome.

colorful wedding decor

The colorful decor gives a wonderful mood for the wedding (Photo: Disclosure)

Our last tip for you, who are planning wedding decoris the bet on colorful elements, all mixed and, preferably, in striking tones.

You can mix colorful objects with furniture and other neutral elements, such as white tablecloths or wood, allowing you to choose any style of decoration ‚Äď modern or traditional. THE colorful wedding decor conveys well-being and joy, with a touch of modernity.

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