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Wedding Decoration: 43 incredible models

When preparing for the wedding, no one can forget the decoration of the party, the decoration of the wedding that involves such a special date. When we talk about ornamentation, we mean it in the broadest sense, considering all the items that will decorate and give the couple’s personality to the environment. After all, the date is important and a space has to be decorated according to the couple’s personality. Today we separate incredible tips for those who are getting married and want to make the place incredibly beautiful.

Wedding decor makes all the difference on the special date (Photo: M de Mulher/Abril)

What this article covers:

Wedding decorating tips

Preparing wedding decorations is not simple, especially women who are naturally more creative than men. Those who want to take care of the space where the wedding or even the party will take place, need to pay attention to the details that make the difference. There are hundreds of objects, which are not necessarily expensive, which give the place a more special atmosphere and even leave all the guests in a party atmosphere and a lot of love.

(Photo: M de Mulher/April)

Think about the details of the wedding decor (Photo: M de Mulher/Abril)

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How to choose wedding decorations

The first tip in this regard is to start planning all of this from the choice of location. The atmosphere of the party ends up defining how the decoration will be, after all, you can’t put on a super modern decoration in a beach wedding, because each situation requires a different style, it’s like putting on a shiny outfit and heels to step on the sand. Well, first think about the place you are going to decorate for the wedding. Is it a buffet? is it an open space in the field? Is it a space close to the beach? All this really makes a difference for the next items.

Inspiring wedding decor (Photo: M de Mulher/April)

Inspiring wedding decor (Photo: M de Mulher/April)

Colors in the wedding party environment

The woman ends up choosing which colors can and should be used in the decoration. This favors a lot like yellow in a rustic environment, for example. These combinations are great and the woman can suggest, if she has a decorator, how she would like to combine the tones in the environment. Once again, the choice of colors and location influence everything, including the party itself and the feeling it will convey.

(Photo: M de Mulher/April)

Colors give a new air to the decorated wedding venue (Photo: M de Mulher/Abril)

Outdoor wedding

Almost every woman dreams of an outdoor party or ceremony, and it really is beautiful. You can bet, in this case, on light colors, such as beige, very light pink or even salmon. In decoration as a whole, simplicity rules, from flowers to objects that do not need to show wealth, but rather elegance and simplicity.

(Photo: M de Mulher/April)

Indispensable items in wedding decorations (Photo: M de Mulher/Abril)

church wedding

The decoration in the church can be beautiful, especially if you adapt some important points, such as the flowers that are used or even the color of the fabrics used to decorate the church. obviously the colors shouldn’t be strong, but a lighter shade of a dark color or even a light gold can make all the difference.

(Photo: M de Mulher/April)

Think of the decorated wedding environment (Photo: M de Mulher/Abril)

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getting married on the beach

Those who are going to get married on the beach can take advantage of this and make an even more beautiful wedding decoration. In addition to many flowers, which make the environment beautiful, stronger colors can be used, such as blue, purple or even gold. These tones give a special touch to the environment and reinforce what is around, nature and the moment together. It is worth betting on wedding decor on this very important day. After all, details make the difference!

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