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Wedding decor with blue and pink

THE wedding decoration It is an essential part of the party. Everything is meticulously chosen to please not only the bride’s taste, but also the groom, who became more participatory in details previously seen only by women. The standard color combination for the wedding party is quite common and fell in love with the bride and groom, who make it a kind of theme.

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Unleash your imagination and abuse blue and pink (Photo: Disclosure)

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pink and blue wedding

We spend our lives believing that pink is a girl’s color and blue is a boy’s color. Children are barely born and receive a lot of objects and clothes of these colors, rigorously distributed to the sexes they represent. Only after a few years do the colors mix and there is no longer a rule as clear as those assigned to children.

When it comes to marriage, blue and pink colors can walk side by side and form a beautiful decoration, pleasing both the groom and the bride. Basically the rule is to pick a tone and stick to it. Generally, when pink is light to wedding decoration takes an equally soft blue (the reverse also happens, with darker colors).

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Decorate your wedding with blue and pink

Colorful flowers in wedding decor

In some cases the tablecloths and curtains are blue and all the flowers that decorate the church and ballroom are pink. The arrangements make everything smoother and more delicate, and can take blue supports and bows to further highlight the combination of these colors in the wedding decoration🇧🇷 Even the cake does not escape decoration by combining colors. You just need to know how to choose the right details.

Invest in blue and pink decor (Photo: Disclosure)

Examples of blue and pink weddings

To exemplify how a blue and pink wedding decorwe separate below a photo gallery with all the decoration styles that you need to analyze to choose how yours will be, check it out:

What really matters in these situations is to please the couple first, then the guests. The professionals responsible for the decoration will know how to explain what you need to know to make your party beautiful.

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