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Wedding cakes that are trending for 2023 → HERE

Wedding cakes are a key item within ceremonial events and are part of the decor as a whole, and yes, there are styles of wedding cakes that are trending for 2023.

And in today’s article, we’ll update you on the most incredible cakes that are in vogue for events and also show you details of these stylish delicacies?? To see in detail follow below!

Wedding cakes that are trending for 2023

There are a multitude of wedding cakes that are trending at weddings and ceremonies, and yes the cake styles exceed expectations in both design and style.

Taking into account that the cake is so important, that in many ceremonies it appears as such an important protagonist of the event.

Some like donut cakes and other flavors are just some of the styles of cakes that are successful in today’s ceremonies. Next, check out the list of delicious wedding cakes 2023.

Chocolate: Traditional, timeless with ganache

Yes, the chocolate cake is a wedding party attraction that never goes out of style and ceases to be a beautiful cake requested for many weddings.

For this year 2023, the highlight goes to anyone’s mouth-watering taste. The protagonist with pure cocoa filling, dark chocolate can be an option for country weddings, as it is a type of cake with ecological ingredients and a lot of aroma and flavor.

The delight of this style of cake is both in the bold and very contemporary design, as well as in the taste of the ecological ingredients.

The outer layer of the cake still takes a pure chocolate cream ganache, giving finish and beauty to the design and texture of the cake.

Red Fruits: Tasty, aromatic and elegant

Many brides who want a more romantic wedding bet heavily invest in red fruit cakes, after all the design is beautiful and very inviting.

Fresh and delicate, this style of cake is very aromatic, elegant, has several layers of white cream, syrup, red fruits, blueberries and a very delicate look, and aromatic elements, with a pleasant texture to the palate.

Also perfect for country weddings, the red fruit wedding cake is also a trend in wedding ceremonies for 2023both outdoor parties and indoor events;

White chocolate: Delicious, subtle and elegant

Yes, the white chocolate cake is a classic refinement at the table for couples who prefer a classic model, beautiful and with a look and flavor that will delight your eyes and mouth.

The design of the cake draws attention due to its delicate hazy tone, however when cutting the slices you can see the beautiful layered white cream, chocolate and syrup with a slightly penetrating and classic flavor of many white gold bonbons.

The slices of this style of cake still draw attention due to the softness of the texture, which gives smoothness to the classic wedding cake.

Some styles can even be made with different fillings in dark chocolate, and other more delicate flavors such as flowers and fruits.

Blueberries: Charming, delicious and contemporary

The cake with design and elements like blueberriesis also another great charming and tasty detail, which adds a lot of delicacy and flavor to the cake.

And yes, the cake with blueberries is also another delicate delight for wedding ceremonies.

Among the trends we also have this very contemporary style, delicate and with a somewhat classic effect when mixed with the external white cream, smooth and finished, being the ideal cake for weddings in the countryside and in the city.

Square Cakes: Modern and full of versatility

Cakes with square design and effect is the new favorite of 2023 weddings.

After all, some modern bride and groom are investing in design seeking to escape the classic and traditional design of round cakes.

This style is still perfect for those looking for style and a fresh look, both for their wedding and for the cake as well.

Flowers and Flowers: Perfect for ceremonies in the countryside

Modern cake designs with details of “ornaments” are essential to give a new face to the cakes, bringing more prominence and effect on the appearance of the cake.

And the cakes with flowers, branches and colorful details (reminiscent of the field) they are favorites of couples who are opting for ceremonies away from the hustle and bustle of the city, such as farm weddings or outdoor venues.

The design of this cake is still an experience of leaving the ceremony table integrated with nature, in a beautiful and interesting way.

Colorful inside: Fun and Creative

Ideal for weddings and newlyweds who love a touch of color, the cake with a colorful design inside is different and very creative.

Some, when cut, in their filling can be colored in one, two or more colors, this detail that is made with dyes, brings a highlight and differential to the traditional cake of the bride and groom and is also a trend in 2023.

The idea, in addition to being creative, is really cool to renew the visual effect and taste of this cake, and this choice is up to the bride and groom.

Art Cake: Elegant and sophisticated

For more classic wedding ceremonies, there are even a series of powerful cake designs to add art to this event.

And the wedding cakes with aesthetic effects in colored “paintings” are fabulous for adding charm to the decor, in addition to the fillings being customizable.

However, the visual effect of this cake is what most draws attention and brings evidence to the composition of the event, as an example we have the cake below, with artistic external paintings that resemble roses.

Geek Cake: Different and charming

For newlyweds who are fans of the Geek universe, books and comics, know that favorite characters can also be part of the bride and groom’s wedding, as a highlight on the wedding cake.

And in 2023 many events became quite fun and “Escape from the traditional” since some of the coolest grooms and character fans decided to bet on creating cakes with reinterpretations of their favorite animated characters.

The result is always weddings with a cake with a very original design, lots of colors, style and plenty of creativity and originality.

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