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Wedding bouquets models and ideas

Wedding bouquets models and ideas🇧🇷 Wedding bouquets are one of the most important if not the most important accessories for the bride on her wedding day. In addition to being at the most important moment of the ceremony, in the hands of the bride, it is then thrown into the air and whoever manages to catch it will be the next to get married. Traditions like these make the bouquet also important for guests who are already going to the big day wondering if the next big day will be theirs. Check out the wedding bouquet trends for the year 2015 and innovate with a super different model!

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Wedding bouquets models and ideas – Wedding bouquets are renewed every year by super original trends

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Wedding bouquets models and ideas

Flowers never go out of style but every year new trends emerge for bridal bouquets that take this essential piece of the big day out of the “sameness”. The big bet for 2015 are bouquets made from other materials such as brooches, fake flowers, shells, pearls, shiny jewelry and so on. There are also bouquets that accompany super original themed weddings such as bouquets of sweets, origami, fabric, among others. It all depends on the spirit of the wedding. If it’s more formal, more relaxed, more modern or more traditional.

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The bouquet with “mixed” flowers is the big trend of 2015 (Photo: Disclosure)

Returning to the flowers wedding bouquets models and ideas will come in quite colorful in a very well harmonized mix with succulents and exotic flowers. The fake flowers that are on the rise are of great quality and don’t even look fake and can be a good alternative for those who want to use out-of-season flowers at the time of the wedding, and also for those who want to have the bouquet as a souvenir.

Bouquets made from other materials can be a souvenir for the bride and groom (Photo: Disclosure)

Mixtures will also be a trend, for example combining flowers of different species, with shades that match the idea of ​​the party. If you are going to make a more romantic and delicate decoration, invest in flowers with different shades of pink, for example. But if you want a bridal bouquet full of life, mix warm colors with exotic flowers, complementing it with leaves, the result will be super different and very special.

Total white is also a trend (Photo: Disclosure)

Total white will be one of the big bets for summer 2015, so if you plan to get married this season, invest in totally white bouquets, whatever the material. The Boho wedding will also be strong on the scene with wreaths of flowers combined with the bouquet, all in a very hippie and relaxed style that suits many couples.

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