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Wedding at home: how to plan

It is common for some couples to choose to have their wedding at home. The reasons are many, but almost always what you want is to organize something different, that escapes the traditional ceremonies and that is also more intimate. The house can belong to the family of the bride or groom, a relative or even a friend, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to plan the smallest details, so that the ceremony is something remarkable and that the guests feel good. Candle some tips from how to plan wedding at homeūüáßūüá∑

Each space must be analyzed and, if possible, used for decoration.

What this article covers:

main details

First, you need to make sure about the size of the chosen house and the size of the guest list. This is the most important precaution. There is no point, for example, choosing an extremely luxurious house, but one that is small and does not hold the number of people that the bride and groom want to invite. The comfort of those present is of great importance. Therefore, if it is impossible to eliminate people from the list, the most appropriate thing is to look for a larger house.

Every space in the house must be analyzed carefully. If there is an outside, beautiful and spacious part, it may be more advantageous to adapt it to the ceremony. It means that coverage must be provided. Have you ever imagined organizing everything wonderfully, but seeing your plans destroyed by the rain?

The smaller the space, the easier it will be to decorate.

The couple who will offer a reception for guests you should also check what will be the space for the dance floor. A large, grassy area offers two options: either you hire an installation service for the runway or the invitation states that the runway will be grass, so that guests can plan accordingly. Another alternative is to do the traditional distribution of pairs of flip flops.

Other tips for planning a wedding at home

if the house chosen for marriage is ideal, but does not accommodate all the guests’ cars, it is interesting to hire third-party services, as it can be quite unpleasant to park the vehicles far from the house. Look for a reliable team and let guests know about the service.

It is important to pay attention to the number of guests and the space available (Photo: Disclosure)

THE home wedding decor is also of great importance. As the space will be smaller (compared to other environments), it is worth investing in really striking details, since little can decorate the house beautifully. Try to match the decor to the style of the house. Make the most of every little space available, using creative decorating ideas and making the environment much more welcoming.

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