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Wearing a wrap bra bikini Belinda takes a sexy selfie

Belinda has once again caused a sensation in instagramnow with a selfies in which she appears very sexy in front of the mirror, showing off her figure while wearing a cross-bra bikini. As a complement to your looks she showed off her dark glasses and a designer bag.

The 33-year-old beauty singer also posted photos showing her lounging in an exclusive resort and posing alone on the beach; the message she wrote next to her post was: “A little bit of sea water to heal the soul…. 🌅 and desserts too”. 🤤🤣

Two weeks ago Belinda assumed exactly that same pose for another selfies, which was part of a collection of images in which he shows the activities he carried out in two days. Among other things he watched the series “Wednesday” of Netflix but he also showed off his new pet, a cat named Glen.

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