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Wearing a silver corset Chiquis Rivera sensually moves her hips during the Karol G party

Chiquis Rivera pleased her fans with another of her sensual dances.

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Although Chiquis Rivera She is one of the most successful singers of the regional Mexican genre. Her tastes are very varied and she loves reggaeton. She was another of the stars who was present at the album presentation party tomorrow will be nice of Carol G., and for the occasion she opted for a silver sports outfit in which her low-cut corset stood out. He shared everything in instagram and a photo could not be missing in which he appeared hugging the Colombian reggaeton singer.

chiquis took one selfies in which she appears sticking out her tongue and showing off her cleavage, but by the time the dance came, she didn’t mind finding herself having a cocktail to sensually move her hips accompanied by beautiful girls.

Some days ago chiquis earned more than 65,000 likes on that social network thanks to a video that shows her wearing a tight blue dress full of holes -which revealed that she was not wearing underwear- while dancing to the song “Sorceress” of the group Manna. The message he wrote on his post was: “When they ask me: Why can’t they forget me””.

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