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We want it all! Wife of Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme makes her debut as a businesswoman and this is what she sells | VIDEO

Eduin Caz, vocalist of Grupo Firme.

Photo: Jose R. Madera. /Getty Images

Edwin Caz of firm group He shows that in his family being successful is part of his daily life, and this time it was his wife Daisy Anahy’s turn to demonstrate all her sales qualities.

This time she announced the launch of her own makeup line in collaboration with Kenia Ontiveros, venture with which he hopes to charm his followers and which is made up of multiple makeup instruments.

In the promotional video for her new makeup line, Eduin Caz’s wife shows lipsticks, shadow palettes, brushes and other instruments with which her followers will surely be able to create an impactful make-up, since, in fact, many of them they are already eager to purchase such products.

And one of the users who expressed his support for Daisy Anahy was his own brother-in-law, Jhonny Caz, who was not long in appearing in the publication in which he quickly commented: “Oh I can’t stand it, what a dog, I don’t even put on makeup, but obviously I’m going to buy mine, sister-in-law, with this I’m going to replace the makeup that we owe to my mom.”

This is referring to a family experience that the family of Eduin Caz recently lived, before which many fans of the group were left with the unknown, questioning the member of Grupo Firme regarding said anecdote, but above all applauding the attitude that Jhonny Caz took towards his sister-in-law’s venture.

For this project, Daisy Anahy decided to partner with Kenia Ontiveros, who already has experience in the world of makeup and beauty products, as she has her own makeup line called Kenia Beauty, not to mention that she uploads various tutorials on her YouTube channel. of make-up.


“We couldn’t wait any longer! We are super excited to introduce the Anahy Collection! A collection that you will love! All products were selected by ourselves, each detail inspired by the products we personally use. Much love was put into this collection to share with all of you! We were dying to make them a part of this.”

So far, Eduin Caz has not positioned himself in his wife’s publication, which has accumulated more than 130,900 likes and in which, Daisy Anahy explained that her makeup line will be officially launched next Thursday, January 19without giving more details about where it can be purchased or what the costs will be.

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