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We still don’t have 5G and they are already talking about the 6G mobile network • ENTER.CO

The 5G network has not yet reached the whole world, but we are already thinking about what the 6G mobile network will be. In January of this year, the sale of phones with 5G technology was 51%, above the 4G mobile network, according to the Counterpoint Research report. Colombia is not part of these statistics because we are a little late in the implementation of this technology.

Those who have had the opportunity to use 5G networks report connection speed as a favorable point. In addition, there is less latency and the possibility of connecting more devices simultaneously with fewer problems. If these are the characteristics of 5G, imagine what the 6G network will be able to do. One of the variables that is most measured in this type of connection is latency, which is the time it takes to travel the data from one point to another. And although today we have a fairly acceptable speed, the truth is that it could be much better.

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The 5G network in its optimal version can have a latency of 0.1 milliseconds. This can be reduced by a further tenth. In addition to this, the 6G network is expected to have other more unprecedented features such as the use of artificial intelligence. This for the management of data storage, processing and exchange. Of course, these are approaches that are under investigation, which means that the 6G network is not yet a working technology.

It will still be a few years before the industry advances in the realization of devices of this technology that is expected to begin to be seen around the year 2028. Estimates project that by 2025 more than two out of five people will have access to the 5G network (hopefully , Colombia, is among these). Meryem Simsek, who is a Lead Scientist at VMware, a global company that offers solutions linked to application modernization. He said that the 6G mobile network should be differentiated from others by focusing on human and social needs. For this reason, he considers that this network may have innovations such as the incorporation of holograms, as well as virtual, augmented or mixed reality.

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