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We show you the 9 most typical dreams at night and their meaning

We have all had dreams or nightmares on a recurring basis. A dream that is repeated in your nights without much connection with what happens to you in your life and that most of the time we do not pay attention to it.

Psychologists have been interpreting our dreams for years, with more or less success, but now, psychologist Ian Wallace, after interpreting more than 150,000 dreams during his 30 years of practice, has found the meaning of the most common dreams and what you should do in your daytime life to avoid them.

What to do if your dream haunts you?

1- Free fall

Meaning: The sensation of falling in a dream means that there is something in your life that keeps you alert, that is why we often wake up startled from these dreams.


To do: It reflects the fear of losing control of the situation that worries you, so you have to lose that fear by trusting others and without becoming obsessed.

2- Pop quiz

Meaning: The fear of failing an exam is common, but dreaming about it does not always have a strictly academic sense. On most occasions you are judging yourself by how you act in life.


To do: Beyond launching into the search for those aspects of your personality that you do not like, it is best to focus on those that you love and celebrate them with energy.

3- An empty room

Meaning: In the dream world, the house symbolizes the different aspects of your character, so an empty room suggests that you have found something in yourself to explore.


To do: The more you explore your sleeping talents, the more doors will open and the rooms will make sense.

4- Being naked in public

Meaning: We dress to show the world a specific image of ourselves. If you dream that you are naked, it means that there is a situation in your day to day in which you feel exposed.


To do: The best thing is to be yourself and present yourself to the world as you are

5- Car out of control

Meaning: The car represents the ability to progress in life towards a specific goal. If the car is out of control, then the way to achieve that goal is not clear.


To do: Instead of becoming a control freak, trust your instincts more and let your path lead you to your goal.

6- Tooth loss

Meaning: One of the most unpleasant dreams you can have denotes a lack of self-confidence.


To do: Faced with this dream, you have to learn to love yourself and face life as a succession of small victories.

7- Unable to find the bathroom

Meaning: Beyond the most obvious needs, the bathroom represents that place where our most basic needs are met and the search for it indicates that those needs are not clear.


To do: We have to spend more time thinking about what we really need.

8- Being persecuted

Meaning: There is a problem in your life that you have been avoiding because you don’t know how to deal with it.


To do: Take the bull by the horns and face your problems.

9- Fly

Meaning: You have freed yourself from the pressures that kept you preoccupied in your life.


To do: Enjoy the moment. This dream comes hand in hand with a personal achievement or an expected increase in responsibilities, so enjoy it.

With these tips you will now be able to get more out of your sleep knowing all its meaning and how it affects your life.

Do you have any recurring dreams? Is it any of the above? Let us know in the comments.

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