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We bring you the Top 10 of the most spectacular decorations of celebrities for Christmas

Christmas has arrived, the time to share is here and so did several celebrities in recent months, who opened the doors of their homes to show their fans the beautiful decorations of their homes for this holiday season.

Hundreds of famous Hispanics were the ones who showed off the most intimate side of Christmas, but these 10 were the ones who took all the spotlights for the fantastic work they did, for their tremendous dedication and their immense creativity.

10.- Alicia Machado

Who says the Christmas tree is green or white? The former Miss Universe sneaks into our top ten for being disruptive and taking Christmas to another level with her tree: one half is red, while the other is blue and grey.

“How barbaric. OMG. I have never had a tree like this in my life. I can’t believe it”, the first winner of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ said excitedly after seeing the final decoration.

9.- Marlene Favela

Little Bella Seely’s mother earned her place for being one of the celebrities who dedicated the most quality time to her home, because, unlike other celebrities, she did not hire anyone to decorate her house for Christmas. Her decoration is beautiful and her Nativity is even more so.

“With great affection I share the Christmas decoration of my house, which makes me and my Bella happy. Come with me on this tour ”, was the text with which she accompanied the video of the tour of her apartment.

8.- Adamari Lopez

Little Alaïa’s mother was one of the celebrities who showed us the decoration of her house in parts, because she not only decorated the interior, but also the exterior, with this last sector being the one that catapulted her into our top ten.

7.- Ana Patricia Gámez

The presenter of ‘Falling in love USA’ chose a very special place in her home to put her snowy and elegant Christmas tree. Its location allows it to be seen from the inside, but also from the outside and that was surely appreciated by her neighbors. His little tree is simple, but very tasteful.

His tree was decorated with elements in white, silver and blue. Among the decorations that stand out the most are the warm lighting bulbs, the traditional spheres, the bows and some very cute and tender polar bears.

Ana Patricia Gámez published a photo of decorating her house for Christmas (Ana Patricia Gámez/Instagram)

6.- Rashel Diaz

The Cuban entrepreneur and life coach showed us the final decoration of her tree, which was possible thanks to two experts in the field, who implemented the silver and white tones. On one side of the tree several pines of all sizes were installed, as well as some monumental snowflakes.

“For more than 4 years, the person in charge of this task has been @alexandersanchez, thank you my @sebasjuans for continuing Alex’s legacy, we know that from heaven he sees the work they are doing with the team with satisfaction and love🙏🏻”, he said. read in a post Rashel made.

5.- Giselle Blondet

Through a video, published on her Instagram account, the presenter took us to see details of the very beautiful tree, which simulates coming out of a musical house. Its ornaments are, primarily, golden and red tones.

“Just as I had dreamed! I am in love with my little tree and my grandchildren too!!!! 💕Thanks to my friends at @aliss_usa for all the beautiful decorations!!! Thanksssssss!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘 ”, reads the message she posted on Instagram and which was accompanied by the song ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’.

4.- Andrea Legarreta

Through a video, lasting a few seconds and set to music with the theme ‘Wish You A Marry Christmas’, Erik Rubín’s wife allowed us to get to know her very beautiful and original Christmas tree in depth, which took off, for complete, with the traditional seasonal colors, even being defined by Legarreta as a tree straight out of a cartoon.

“For this year we decided on a super original decoration and a different type of cartoon! Black and white 🖤 that reminded us a little of the animation of the fantasy world of the “who” remember them?? WE WERE FASCINATED!! It seems to come out of a Christmas story!! ”, reads a fragment of the text with which Nina and Mía’s mother accompanied the video of her artificial tree and which pretends to be snowy.

3.- Marjorie de Sousa

Little Matías Gregorio’s mother took us on a tour, through a music video with the theme ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ by Michael Bublé, the Christmas decoration of her cozy house. The decoration of your tree draws attention for its warm lights, as well as for its ornaments in red and white tones, such as its spheres, its candies, its stuffed animals, its bells, its ‘North Pole’ sign and even its tree foot, which attracts attention for being illuminated.

The decoration was completed by two monumental candles, gift boxes with the legends ‘Hope’ and ‘Family’, snowmen, reindeer, elves, tin soldiers, little horses, various Santa Clauses, as well as a huge polar bear with its respective Christmas hat.

2.- Carolina Sandoval

Through a video, lasting more than 26 minutes, the mother of Bárbara Camila and Amalia Victoria gave us a tour, in the company of Minnie and Mickey Mouse, through the most Christmassy corners of her beautiful residence in Miami. Her tree, which is the traditional green color, was decorated with spheres, sweets, canes, dolls, snowflakes, drums and other elements in white, gold and red tones.

“I have always asked Luis to give me a conservative Christmas and in this little tree there are many colors that we always remember when we think of Christmas, green and red, we think of many things, really , very pretty, when we see a little red and green tree”, narrated ‘La Venenosa’, who placed special emphasis on children in her decoration this year.

1.- Lili Estefan

The place of honor is, without a doubt, for Lili Estefan, who spared no expense and luxuries for her Christmas decoration. ‘La Flaca’ was one of the last celebrities to show off her tree, but every second of waiting was worth it.

In addition to decorating the interior of her Miami home, the famous presenter illuminated the trees in her garden with warm blue lights. There she also put a very cute Santa Claus and the reindeer inseparable from him. There is no doubt that the inseparable companion of Raúl de Molina is the big winner this Christmas season. Which tree was her favorite?

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