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“We are superior”: Messi revealed the speech he gave to motivate his teammates to beat Mexico in Qatar 2022

We all know that Argentina’s victory in the match against Mexico was key for the Albiceleste to rebuild their path and obtain the Qatar World Cup 2022, since after the defeat in the first game against Saudi Arabia, in the secondor against El Tri they revived and gained confidence to face the rest of the games; However, this confidence could have arisen as a result of a speech that its captain, Lionel Messihe told them at halftime of the game against the Aztecs, in which he stressed that they were superior.

The player himself was the one revealed what he remembered of that moment in an interview for the newspaper Olé of his country.

I remember talking to the boys and telling them that I knew the situation we were in was difficult, but let’s try to get out of it. Forget what we were playing and play like we always did. We had come from 35 games without losing, and we knew that if we did things the way we had been doing, we were superior to Mexico.Although it is a great selection and it was a difficult test because of their way of playing as well. But we knew that, equal to equal, we were superior”, he explained.

“La Pulga” also shared with his teammates a strategy that could help them win, in which they had to be calm and have good ball control to finish as soon as they had a chance.

The difficult thing was to have patience and the tranquility of not speeding up. To move the ball from one side to the other, to wait for the spaces to arrive and not look for them, which were going to appear on their own. At times anxiety ate us up and we made us play fast, it made us lose balls, but it’s normal due to the type of games” he asserted.

…And the albiceleste magic arrived. After a difficult first half, in which Mexico stopped very well and almost took the momentary advantage, the Argentines came out inspired for the second and, as soon as they had their chance, they took the lead, then the second goal came and the game was finished. game.

The rest is history, Argentina also beat Poland and advanced to the round of 16; they later defeated Australia, drew with the Netherlands and defeated them on penalties in the quarterfinals; in the semifinal they beat Croatia and in the final they won the cup against France, ending a 36-year World Cup drought.

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