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Waterproofing liquid blanket: learn more

The construction materials market presents several waterproofing products🇧🇷 The main purpose of these items is to prevent damage caused by mold and moisture.

By waterproofing the surface, it is possible to avoid problems with mold. (Photo: Disclosure)

One property affected by mold acquires an unpleasant odor and also puts the health of residents at risk. Exposure to mold can make asthma worse and facilitate the transmission of bacteria that cause infections.

To avoid any kind of mold problem, people bet on waterproofing products. The waterproofing formula is ideal for slabs, gutters, metal surfaces, roofs and cold areas.

What this article covers:

Facilities and benefits of waterproofing liquid blanket

A product that has gained consumer preference is the waterproofing liquid blanket🇧🇷 The application stands out for its ease, after all, just use a paint roller or brush to waterproof a surface in a few minutes. It is not necessary to hire specialized labor.

Sika liquid blanket. (Photo: Disclosure)

Some brands manufacture liquid blankets that guarantee the release of the application area on the same day. All the waterproofing work it is ready in nine hours, with the guarantee of resistance to rain and UV rays.

For use the liquid waterproofing blanket, normally it is necessary to dilute it in water, according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging. If the product is not used all at once, it is important to be concerned with proper storage. The liquid blanket must be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place, away from heat sources.

The waterproofing blanket offers several benefits, after all, it accepts laying ceramic tiles and mortar, has high durability and performance, fills small cracks to avoid problems with humidity and is highly resistant to fungi and bacteria.

CIPLAK Mantacril Liquid Blanket. (Photo: Disclosure)

If the resident intends to increase the lifespan of the liquid blanket waterproofing agent, so he should apply an extra coat every two years.

Prices and where to buy

Check it out below where to buy liquid waterproofing blanket and product prices:

– White Liquid Blanket 12 Kg Bautech for R$ 215.90 at Telha Norte.

– Mantacril 18Kg Ciplak for R$ 208.90 at Telha Norte.

– Vedalage Plus Liquid Blanket with 18kg Viapol for BRL 243.70 at C&C.

– Vedapren Fast White Liquid Blanket 5kg – Vedacit for R$79.90 at C&C.

– 12 kg Sika liquid blanket for R$ 199.90 at Balaroti.

– Mantacril Liquid Blanket 18l CIPLAK for R$159.90 at Casas Brilar.

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