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Water: How many liters should I drink a day?

Water is the primordial substance to keep the human body alive. After all, most of the composition of the human organism is hers. That way you can’t go a day away from a good amount of your intake.

However, a lot is heard that the ideal is to drink two liters of water a day. We got used to it and many have this commitment. But the account is not exactly that. Because you have to follow some criteria.

How do I know how much water I should drink?

The need for water is common to everyone, but the amount varies according to:

  • age,
  • gender,
  • profession (physical activity),
  • climate conditions.

These are some examples of how each person’s need for water can vary.

Thirst is a sign that the body needs hydration. It’s like a warning, so that other problems don’t occur due to the lack of liquid.

Methods to calculate how much water a person should drink

There are some recommendations on how much water each person should drink per day.

We are going to show you two, but remember that these are tips to better adapt to your lifestyle. But in case of doubt, always seek guidance from the health professional.

8 cup rule

Based on the 8×8 formula. It is recommended that the person should take 8 glasses of 250 ml daily. This would reach 2 liters, but it is a generic account. But for many it works.

For if the person makes use of that amount and has the organism in order. That is, there is no change in the exams and lives well, it should continue like this.

Multiplying by 0.033

This tip requires doing a simple math. That is, multiply your weight by 0.033. Thus, the result of the account will be the amount of water that should be ingested per day.

For example: if the person weighs 90 kilos, he should drink around 2.97 liters of water daily.

Also remembering that this is another possibility. For each one must develop his routine according to his conditions. Also, do according to the environment you are in.

Eating habits

Many will think that the water is only there in the bottle or in the jar. Know that eating habits influence the amount of water intake. Now, there are other ways to ingest liquids, such as fruits, juices, teas and vegetables.

Thus, it is important to adapt to your lifestyle and check your real needs. And if you feel anything different, it’s best to consult your doctor and develop your routine based on his recommendation.

Water is essence of life

Keeping the body hydrated is necessary. We don’t drink water because it’s just refreshing. Of course this is wonderful. A well filled glass amid the heat is an immeasurable pleasure.

However, dehydration can cause many health problems to occur. Both in the bloodstream and in vital organs such as the kidneys. Reports of pain in relation to kidney stones are desperate.

Thus, one cannot fail to hydrate properly. Both athletes and sedentary. After all it is the simplest and cheapest way to maintain good health. One cannot be lazy for this fundamental action for life.

Know what drinking water is

Lack of water in the body causes various diseases

Objectively, a hydrated body can carry several diseases or adverse situations such as: Fatigue, shock, loss of consciousness, headache, dry skin, dizziness, vertigo, pressure drop, calculation and kidney infection.

Therefore, one should not neglect the hydration of the body. This saves you a lot of headaches, literally. Because it is one of the first symptoms that dehydration causes in the person.

Water and the principle of life

Water has been linked to the meaning of life since the beginning of civilizations. Thales of Miletus, the father of philosophy understood that life originates in the waters. For it composes all existence. From the simplest to the most complex beings.

Scholars from other areas such as biology also argue that the first forms of life were in the seas and rivers. This corroborates the importance of this substance and how it has been related to life since the beginning.

Therefore, without water there is no life. Without life there is no history. We learned at school that the real thing is colorless, odorless and invisible. Besides, she is discreet. She doesn’t make a point of drawing attention, she’s where it all started.


Water is a very important symbol for religions. Therefore, she is a sign of life on earth and in the spiritual plane. Saint Francis said that water is chaste, humble and good. Orientals contemplate the movement of the waters as a redefinition of life.

For Brazilian indigenous peoples, rivers are models of perseverance to be followed. Because they seek the sea, their goal without looking back and facing all existing difficulties.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, water is what purifies the being of all evils and sins. That is, the transformation of the person passes through the waters of baptism. This has a deep meaning of transformation and search for the best.

Therefore, all the symbolism that it carries and brings to all humanity is significant. There is no way to deny the integration that is made of the sacred liquid in all regions with everything that is living and inanimate.

water at risk

We need to pay attention to respect for water sources. In this time when humanity finds itself, preserving is fundamental. Including to ensure that everyone has free access to this natural asset.

It is necessary to think about the future in the long term. Understanding that the next generations run the risk of no longer having this source of life. That’s why it’s important to celebrate water day and raise awareness among new generations.

Here we understand the importance of hydration for individual life and how the community is integrated around this precious mineral. Remember the importance of hydrating yourself, find the best method. If so, consult your doctor.

Now that you’ve come this far, go get your glass of water.

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