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Watch the first clips from the TV series about Börje Salming

Now the first clips have been released from the popular TV series about Börje Salming’s life and career. Valter Skarsgård stars in the lead role and Viaplay is behind the film adaptation of the hockey legend’s life.

Photo: Viaplay

Viaplay has now released the first clips from the TV series about the life of hockey legend Börje Salming. The series focuses on Salming’s young years, how he traveled from Kiruna to North America and made a name for himself as a professional hockey player. Other roles include Hedda Stiernstedt, Oscar Skagerberg, Jason Priestley and Pelle Holmström. It is still not official when the series will premiere, but according to information it will be sometime in the fall of 2023.

Photo: Viaplay

Valter Skarsgård ambassador for ALS foundation

The actor Valter Skarsgård, who plays Börje in the series, is now also an ambassador for the Börje Salming ALS Foundation. On their website, he says that he met Börje for the first time four years ago and that he helped him a lot, both with the role and as a person. During the filming, Valter has spent a lot of time in the gym and on the ice for the role. “When I got the role, I didn’t know anything about hockey and I couldn’t skate, but Börje said, it’s easy, you learn that quickly,” says Valter in an interview with the foundation. “As an ambassador, I want to help spread knowledge about ALS and more research is being done on the disease so that medicines that stop and cure it come out. No one else should have to suffer in the same way as Börje,” he says.

Source: Börje Salming foundation

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