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Watch out! WhatsApp scam with fake Mercado Libre giveaway • ENTER.CO

ESET, a leading threat detection company, alerted WhatsApp users because a fake product giveaway is circulating returned from the Mercado Libre platform. The deception arrives through the messaging application, often sent by a known contact, with a hidden link that leads to a false page of the product buying and selling platform.

The characteristics of this deception are very similar to those already detected in other cases, such as the one that recently occurred with the Costco supermarket chain. In addition to leading to a false site, the deception has other elements such as a questionnaire where you can give your opinion about this campaign with false comments from alleged winners. Once the questionnaire is completed, the site presents the user with a draw that does not correspond to the one for returned products, in which a prize must be found 3 times. Regardless of the selection made, the user will always find expensive prizes such as the latest generation phones.

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In order to be a creditor of the “won prize”, the user must take a key step in this mass deception, share it with several of their WhatsApp contacts, this allows the scope of the false campaign to be massive with little intervention on the part of the cybercriminal . In addition, it gives the campaign a false truth because the new user receives it from an acquaintance. Once this phase is fulfilled, the victim is redirected to another site that runs scareware attacks with which you are led to believe that your device is vulnerable and needs to be updated. The urge to install an unknown application takes precedence.

At this point it should be enough for the victim to suspect the fake giveaway that is no longer mentioned. This is how these types of deceptive strategies work that seek to confuse users. The main recommendation with this type of content is to always distrust communications that offer gifts, benefits or money.

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