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Watch out on the slopes – here are the season’s best ski clothes and accessories!

Metro Mode has selected everything needed for the ski slope – opt for strong colors combined with sober black and white.

Photo: Instagram @kelseymeritt/Perfect Moment

Time to review your ski clothes! This week, Metro Mode has selected clothes and accessories that make riding more fun and stylish. Opt for strong colors that are combined with sober black or white.

Brands to look out for:

Perfect Moment makes fantastic quality. A ski rack from here is a safe investment that lasts year after year after year.

Haglöfs. Check out the brand’s super cool new product – a parka made from a recycled nylon material and bound together by Vectran, a material five times stronger than steel. This jacket is guaranteed to last a long time!

Poc. If you are looking for a helmet or goggles, Poc is a given choice!

Moncler. Not only make great ski clothing and shoes, but also sunglasses we’d love to wear on the slopes and after-skin.

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