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watch out for the main scams of 2022

Due to social distancing, caused by the covid-19 pandemic, the number of scams has grown a lot in recent years. In order to continue the daily activities, the use of technologies was intensified, however, generating concerns for its users such as data loss

Kaspersky, a digital security company, conducted surveys and announced forecasts and alerts for online threats that will be most used in the year 2022.

The QR Code is one of the most victimized scams in recent times, and a continuation is expected for 2022. Currently, the QR code it has become a practical and widely used technology in stores and restaurants, but this tool has become a target for crimes in order to take the victim to dangerous sites and install viruses.

What this article covers:

How does data hijacking work?

Data hijacking can occur when accessing emails, websites, ads, advertisements, answering calls that request your data, using pen-drives with viruses, among others. It is important to pay attention, as institutions such as banks do not ask for data via calls or messages, be careful not to enter suspicious links and fall into misleading advertisements.

How to protect yourself from data hijacking?

A very efficient measure is the search for information, when searching for links, banks, for example, you will understand about the communication and policy of each one, which will avoid possible scams. In this sense, it is essential to analyze the sites so as not to share them and install viruses on the devices.

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It is necessary to keep privacy and security settings up to date, as double verification and biometrics can prevent undue entries to messaging applications and social networks.

What are the other scams for 2022?

Increase in bank data theft with intrusions into victims’ devices and applications, sale of personal data to people from different countries and data kidnapping, aimed at governments and companies, in order to encrypt information.

Some steps that must be followed to avoid falling into a scam are having antivirus on the devices, keeping the security settings always up to date, not saving passwords so that third parties do not have access to your data and accounts in cases of theft, and always using passwords well crafted.

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