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Washbasins with inserts tips, photos

The toilet is a small room, consisting mainly of a countertop with a sink and a faucet. It can be present inside the bathroom or installed in a separate area of ​​the house.

The inserts allow you to make designs on the surface. (Photo: Disclosure)

The decoration of the bathroom allows you to be daring and let creativity speak louder. Residents can combine different colors, furniture and accessories to create the visual identity of this small intimate space.

If there is space in bathroom countertop, it is possible to include a vase of flowers or a sophisticated tray with different bathroom utensils, such as a soap dish. Lighting and the mirror are also considered fundamental elements to complete the look of the bathroom.

One of the most used materials at the time of decorate the bathroom it is the glass tablet. The pieces work well indoors, won’t wear out over time, and are moisture resistant.

Glass inserts can be used to make the Detailed bathroom finish🇧🇷 With them, it is possible to explore the colorful effect and even create mosaics.

Green pastilles decorate the washbasin. (Photo: Disclosure)

Considered the ‘darling of architects’, the glass tile is versatile and can be used in different jobs. It replaces the traditional tile with great taste and makes the wall more detailed.

One of the main advantages presented by the glass tablet it’s the resistance. The pieces are not affected by temperature variations in the bathroom and are easy to clean.

What this article covers:

Check out the following tips for decorating a bathroom with tiles:

• A choice of inserts it must respect the color of the existing wall or tile paint.

• The surface can be fully coated with glass tiles or gain just one horizontal band made with parts.

• A more relaxing bathroom is decorated with blue or green inserts.

• If the environment has more energy, then it is worth betting on hot color tablets, such as red, yellow and orange.

• Finishing with random pills it’s a way to make the bathroom more cheerful.

The colorful effect is interesting to make the bathroom happy. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Glass inserts allow you to create patterns and designs in the bathroom finish🇧🇷 They also make the environment look more beautiful because of the glowing effect.

• A application of glass inserts it requires careful plastering, otherwise the finish becomes uneven.

• Another way of working with glass tiles in the aesthetics of the environment is by contouring the sink or mirror.

• Glass tiles represent a great solution to end the monotony of monochrome environments.

See below for a selection of photos of bathrooms decorated with glass inserts🇧🇷

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