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Washable paint: advantages, information

Among the novelties that are being presented in the area of ​​civil construction, it is worth highlighting the washable paint🇧🇷 This product is perfect for finishing the children’s room and making children more comfortable playing games in the environment.

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Washable paint: advantages, information

The washable paint has as a differential the possibility of cleaning, that is, any type of dirt can be removed from the painted surface without causing damage. The main acrylic paint manufacturers are already betting on this new type of product and incorporating the surprising technology.

Advantages of washable ink

Practical, modern and versatile, the washable paint has a formula resistant to irreversible damage caused by certain residues. The wall painted with the product will not have its aesthetics harmed in case of stains caused by food, colored pencils, crayons, graphite, food, drinks, among others.

Super Washable Coral

To remove dirt from the surface is very simple, just have a damp cloth and detergent to pass the stained place. In a few seconds the wall regains the appearance of new, without any trace. This practicality for cleaning would never be possible on a wall painted with conventional paint.

The washable paint was developed thinking about the fun of children, who like to write, draw and color the walls. Applying the product in the finishing of the children’s room ends up being advantageous because the little ones can develop creativity and imagination. On the other hand, washable paint also considers the parents’ struggle to keep the house clean.

The main washable inks

Suvinyl Premium Cleans Easy

– Premium Suvinyl Cleans Easy
It is a product full of advantages and that has the quality of a leading brand in the paint market. Suvinil’s ‘Clean Easy’ provides a satin finish to the walls, being the perfect solution for walls that are frequently cleaned. The paint is available in a can (18 L) or a gallon (3.6 L), is durable and can be applied to external or internal surfaces.

– Super washable coral
Suvinil’s main competitor also has a stain-resistant and easy-to-clean product, Coral Super Washable. Acrylic paint has good performance and does not cause an unpleasant smell in the environment.

– Super Washable Metalatex – Sherwin Williams
The paint provides a perfect finish for every room in the house and makes it easy to remove stains through its formula. The product is as effective as Coral or Suvinil and does not lose its decorative effect with each cleaning.

How to Apply Washable Paint

If you are in doubt about how to proceed with painting the wall with washable paint, know that it is simple and for that, it is necessary that the paint is diluted with water, see the information on the package. If the wall to be painted is very dirty, you will need to pass the paint 3 or 4 times on the spot, if it is clean, just 1 or 2, depending on the case.

Before painting, don’t forget to apply running putty to correct imperfections and then sand it. Also respect the interval between each coat, which is on average 3 hours. Take advantage of the tips and explore the benefits of having walls painted with washable paint. See in the video below how to apply washable paint on the wall🇧🇷

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