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Wardrobe organizing tips

Tidying up the wardrobe is an unpleasant and time-consuming task. There are those who feel chills just thinking about having to organize everything. Many times, everything is tidied up and, in a few days, there is the mess, installed again. The fact is that a closet, a closet or the traditional wardrobe, if it’s completely messed up, entails a lot more work, whether it’s time to look for things, clean them or even put on clothes, since they get wrinkled. The way is to start all over again. Look wardrobe organizing tips🇧🇷

With everything organized, it’s much better.

What this article covers:

starting from scratch

If your wardrobe has already reached a state of calamity, because of so much mess, it’s best to start from scratch. Take everything out of it and put it on top of the bed. Then, with a lot of patience, start organizing things, checking what will or will not go back inside the furniture. Check all parts and see which are clean or dirty. Take the opportunity to also check if there are clothes with mites or mold. Often, the piece has been stored for so long, that we hardly notice the dirt that has accumulated in it. Review things. Objects, shoes and clothes that are no longer used can be donated. Why insist on keeping them, occupying wardrobe space🇧🇷 Separate those that will be washed from those that will be stored again.

Compartments help to organize

Organizing the Wardrobe

to have a organized wardrobe, it is necessary to see which pieces should or should not stay on the hangers. Woolen clothes and the like, for example, can be folded and stored in other compartments. The same goes for fabrics that don’t wrinkle. Reserve hangers for clothes that really need to be on them.

When storing towels and sheets, fold and sort them carefully. This way, you’ll know exactly where each piece is when you need to remove it from the wardrobe.

With organization, things become much simpler (Photo: Disclosure)

If the space is small, take the opportunity to store clothes that you will not wear this season. Put them in tightly closed plastic bags and leave them in the highest parts.

Purchase boxes and other materials to create compartments inside the drawers. Separate socks, underwear and other clothes or objects so that they are always in their proper place. So you will never lose them.

Other closet organization tips is to hang necklaces and belts on special hangers, which can be attached to the inside of the doors. It saves space and keeps your stuff tidy. Finally, put scented sachets in your wardrobe and, if necessary, moisture-absorbing products. Thus, everything will always be clean and fragrant.

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