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Wallpapers with luxury and sophistication for your home

Wallpapers with luxury and sophistication for your home are a very interesting alternative for those who want to modify the look of the residence in a simpler and more practical way than changing the entire painting of the property.

Wallpapers with luxury and sophistication for your home (Illustrative Photo)

Very popular in several countries, wallpaper has been popular with Brazilians in recent years, who have found this item to be an important ally to make the home more cozy and with a new face, without having to spend too much and carry out various works.

For those thinking of changing their home decor, using wallpaper, it is important to know that it can last from 10 to 20 years, depending on the quality, while paint lasts less, from five to 10 years (periods in which both the wallpaper and paint remain in excellent condition).

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Wallpapers with luxury and sophistication for your home

They help to renew the environment with great practicality (Illustrative Photo)

In addition to greater durability, some of the other advantages of wallpaper are the more affordable price and ease of installation (you can apply it yourself). Opting for paper also helps to avoid all that mess generated by painting the house, which can disrupt the residents’ routine for several days.

Another detail is that the wallpaper can bring various styles, colors and even designs, allowing a beautiful customization of the residence, according to the tastes and preferences of the residents, and may have children’s themes for the children’s rooms and different themes for other rooms. , for example.

Wallpaper in the bathroom (Illustrative Photo)

For those who want to be more daring in decoration, wallpapers with a thinner weight are ideal, as they last for a shorter time and can be changed more easily when the person wants a different look for the property. Combining different styles of wallpapers is also interesting.

Tips for getting the wallpaper right

In the case of those who are going to use highly durable wallpaper, the tip is to be careful when choosing prints and colors, which should not be too striking or heavy, respectively, since the decor will stay in that room for a long time.

wall stickers

Wall sticker in the kitchen (Illustrative Photo)

You wall stickers they are also great for changing decor. Usually vinyl, they can imitate some type of material, such as tiles, for example, adding even more details to the look of the house.

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Easy to install and inexpensive, these stickers are great for transitioning environments and creating spaces on walls that already have other items, such as photos and paintings.

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