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wallpaper trends 2013

O wallpaper represents a great bet to renew the decoration of an environment. It guarantees a delicate finish, creates a visual identity and also ends the monotony of the areas.

Wallpaper is invading the kitchen. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Wallpapers 2013: trends

Wallpaper is not something of the past, quite the contrary, it is a great solution to make spaces modern and with personality.

Check below some wallpaper trends 2013🇧🇷

• The wallpaper is not a exclusive coating for living room or bedroom. Thanks to new technologies, the material is also covering areas such as the kitchen and bathroom;

• O waterproof wallpaper is one of the great advances in the field of decoration. It is washable and withstands contact with water without being damaged;

• The idea of customize the wallpaper it is also on the rise and allows the creation of exclusive environments;

• You geometric wallpaper templates are on the rise. They play with shapes and help create a modern aesthetic;

3D wallpaper is on the rise. (Photo: Disclosure)

• A 3D aesthetics is super popular and has already started to influence the making of wallpapers. Three-dimensional and metallic models correspond to a strong trend;

• When it comes to wallpaper, shades of green, violet, pink, blue, yellow, brown and beige are in vogue;

• Wallpapers that recall the style of the 70’s are conquering the market. They are characterized by their cheerful and colorful appearance;

• O external wallpaper it’s a novelty, but it has everything to become a trend;

The 70’s aesthetic is also an inspiration for the wallpapers. (Photo: Disclosure)

• O finishing with wallpaper allows different effects. Residents can, for example, work with wooden details, strategic lighting or niche;

• Purple and lilac wallpapers are also highly rated for 2013.

Decorative wallpaper

Wallpaper is an old friend of decoration. He was very successful in Europe in the past centuries and was synonymous with elegance. In the 90s, the material disappeared from the hall of trends, but in recent times it has returned with full force, in new models.

Several factors need to be considered for the choosing the best wallpaper, such as the place of application and the stamp. A single mistake can overwhelm the look of the room or interfere with the sense of space.

Wallpaper stands out as a practical and creative option to escape traditional painting. The coating is easy to apply and usually does not require skilled labor.

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