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Wallpaper to decorate children’s room

choose the best wallpaper to decorate children’s room and make the environment much more beautiful, playful and colorful. If you want to redesign the child’s room, then applying this material in the vertical space can be a great option. There are countless possibilities of prints, colors and even textures.

Wallpaper for decorating a children’s room. (Ilustrative Photo)

The children’s room is a space for rest, learning and play. Children are totally immersed in this environment, full of toys and cozy furniture. To make the room look even more appropriate for childhood, it is worth betting on wallpaper. This item can quietly give a new direction to the decor.

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What this article covers:

Wallpaper to decorate children’s room

Mundo das Tribos separated some tips for wallpaper to decorate children’s room🇧🇷 Check out:

Good choice of colors

Colors awaken feelings and sensations, so they must be chosen very carefully when decorating a children’s room. When the room is set up to accommodate a baby, it is worth betting on colors that favor calm, tranquility and coziness, as is the case with pastel tones. On the other hand, if the child is over 3 years old, try decorating using wallpaper in strong, bright colors, as this encourages development.

The baby’s room calls for a softer wallpaper. (Ilustrative Photo)

Cherish the colors of the environment

To be able to find the most appropriate wallpaper, value the predominant colors in the room and look for a perfect combination. It is essential that the walls harmonize with the furniture and bedding.

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Consider the features of space

Wallpaper alone will not decorate the room, so it is important to consider the architecture of the space. Note the location of doors and windows and see where the wardrobe is positioned. This information is of great help to develop a good project.

Get inspired by a theme

Transportation themed wallpaper. (Ilustrative Photo)

When decorating a children’s room, it is worth looking for inspiration in a theme that represents a child’s universe of enchantment. Try to find out what the little resident likes and value that by choosing the wallpaper. Example: the boy who has the habit of playing with cars, can have the walls of the room covered with the theme of transport.

Choose the right print

There are some prints that are perfect for decorating a child’s room, such as plaid, polka dots and striped. Floral motifs also work well in feminine environments.

Apply only to the bar

Instead of coating the entire walls, you can just apply the finish to the bar. Thus, the cost of such a renovation in the children’s room will be much more affordable.

Be very careful with the choice of print. (Ilustrative Photo)

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Now you know how to choose the wallpaper to decorate children’s room🇧🇷 Put our tips into practice and the room will definitely be more beautiful and fun. Continue to Mundo das Tribos and see other articles about decoration.

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