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Wallpaper: main mistakes when applying

For a long time, the wallpaper was overlooked in the scope of decoration. However, he was rescued and returned to grace in modern homes.

Wallpaper is responsible for making the decor more charming. (Photo: Disclosure)

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What this article covers:

Wallpaper exerts great power in the look of an environment. He is responsible for breaking with the monotony of neutral colors and also for adding new elements to the visual identity of a space.

Through wall covering, it is possible to create a larger division, make the room more cheerful, disguise imperfections and reinforce a decoration style. The material also proves to be a practical and creative solution to escape traditional painting.

Errors when applying wallpaper

Wallpaper is an easy-to-handle material, but some people are unaware of the application technique and end up making mistakes that are difficult to correct. Check out the main errors applying wallpaper🇧🇷

Apply with dirty wall
Before starting to apply the wallpaper, it is essential to clean the surface with a damp cloth and wait for it to dry.

Do not measure the surface to be lined
Many people buy wallpaper without first measuring the space to be covered. However, this is a big mistake as they may buy unnecessary rolls or even not purchase enough material for the job.

It’s important to leave leftovers and then remove them. (Photo: Disclosure)

do not leave leftovers
It is always important to leave 5 to 10 centimeters of excess of the exact surface measurement to ensure a flawless finish.

Use of inappropriate glue
For wallpaper application, it is more suitable to use glue powder, diluted in water, chemical-free and odor-free. The sticky product must be spread in abundance, starting from the center towards the edges.

Collage from bottom to top
The wallpaper must be applied from top to bottom, with reference to where the surface meets the ceiling.

bubble finish
After applying the glue and fixing the wallpaper, the finish may be affected by bubbles. To avoid this problem, just tap lightly. If bubbles persist, a plastic putty knife can help smooth the surface.

Wallpaper pasting must be done properly. (Photo: Disclosure)

Make cutouts for sockets and switches
It is not recommended to make cutouts in the wallpaper before application. The ideal is to let the material pass over the sockets and switches and only after drying cut it with a sharp stylus.

Do not remove leftovers
After applying the wallpaper, the excess must be removed with a stylus.

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