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Wallpaper for the Double Room

how to choose one wallpaper for home bedroom🇧🇷 The decoration of a double bedroom is an item that must be thought through, because it is important that the couple, both the man and the woman, participate in favor of the best development of the decoration and that it still maintains the face of the eternal lovers. That way, you can measure a little of each one’s personality and it will be an environment where both will enjoy spending a good part of their time, so it is important that there is this partnership when decorating, choosing furniture, decorative accessories, colors and if you want the wallpaper for the double bedroom.

Wallpaper for the Double Room (Illustrative Photo)

What this article covers:

Wallpaper for the Double Room

Wallpaper for the bedroom It has been widely used in the decoration of rooms, therefore, there are several models of wallpaper for the room and it is up to you to choose the best option to make your environment perfect. On the internet, you can find several sites that sell this product in different models, one of the sites that has excellent options and with good quality is K&G. of the models that can appear inside the room.

Models vary according to material and texture (Illustrative Photo)

Sites suggest models

Lighter tones give a classic look to the environment (Illustrative Photo)

If you want to see decorated environments, access magazine sites that usually have these options so that you can see the bases and have an idea about how your decorated room will look. One of the websites that has a room decorated with wallpaper for analysis is the Casa da Editora Abril website, which brings numerous tips for you who intend to decorate any type of environment, learn more about decorating with wallpaper by accessing the website at casa.abril .com.br/casaclaudia/livre/0558/quartos/mt_269606.shtml and see how to decorate this type of environment.

more tips

Lighter tones help when relaxing (Illustrative Photo)

We hope that through these tips, you can choose and buy wallpaper to make your room even more beautiful with your faces, since it is important for the couple to decide on a model, mainly because it will be the room for two people and not just one, think about it.

Choose with partner

Those who opt for a neutral paper can also dare to use other decorative elements (Illustrative Photo)

As the room is for a couple, both should sit down and check out the models together and, of course, choose one that pleases both tastes. For this, check out some models available in virtual and even physical stores. As is common for a couple who work a lot, whoever has more time can search, save photos and even share them through social networks to bring the partner even closer to the choice.

Tips for colors and models

Just like painting a room, wallpaper can make a room look amazing, but it can also ruin it. The important thing in this whole story is to choose neutral colors and calmer designs, mainly because of the bedroom, which is the environment where you should relax, rest and have a great sleep.

Darker tones help at bedtime, for example (Illustrative Photo)

Designs like flowers and colors like beige are indicated for these places. Now, colors like oranges and designs like skulls, photos of cities or night shows, give an air of agitation and this will definitely influence your sleep.

How does it work and what are the values?

Wallpaper can be better than painting the wall (Illustrative Photo)

Generally, wallpaper is sold by the yard and the more patterned or darker the image, the more expensive it can be. Before choosing, it is necessary to take into account not only the design and whether it will match the place of application, but also the quality of the fabric, which implies its application on the wall and also the durability of the material. Who can guide you in this is the seller himself and in more specialized stores.

Technology once again helping

Sometimes, it is not necessary to use it on the entire wall (Illustrative Photo)

Once again technology has shown that it can be used for good, for our comfort. Proof of this is that we are talking about her once again and how she helps us in our daily lives. Believe it or not, there are some wallpapers that can be washed, cleaned with water and without applying more specific products to remove grease or specific stains. This is one of the novelties presented by the sector at major decoration fairs and, of course, it pleased the final consumer.

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Knowing how to apply is essential

The application of the wallpaper on the wall must be done with all the care and love in the world, because with glue the installer applies the adhesive and goes, just like in a contact, using a product to remove the air bubbles that remain at the time of installation. installation. For this very reason, it is recommended that you do the application together with the store where you bought the product, as this involves a guarantee and if the person is not an expert, it may compromise the wall and also the material, which is not cheap at all.

Some stores offer application service (Illustrative Photo)

Want more room decor tips? Here at Mundo das Tribos we have prepared several articles on this and other topics, stay here with us. And you Internet users, do you know more about decorating with wallpaper? Leave your suggestion and join us.

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