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Wallpaper for the boys room, tips

The children’s room is one of the most enjoyable parts of the house, but the truth is that even children end up getting tired of the same decoration in the environment for a long time. A good tip to completely change the boys room decormaking it more cozy and beautiful is painting, or even better, applying a wallpaper, which makes the room more beautiful and alive.

Wallpaper has the power to give a new face to the old room, changing it completely, in a simple and cheap way, in addition to making it possible to clean the wall, something that becomes essential depending on the age of the child.

Striped children’s wallpapers.(Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Wallpaper styles for boys rooms

One of the most beautiful wallpapers are the striped ones, and although many mothers think that boys’ rooms should only be in shades of blue, it is possible to make a much more colorful and fun decoration.

Horizontal or vertical strips, of different widths, with different shades, such as light green, dark green, yellow, different shades of blue, red, orange, brown, gray, among others.

In case of small children, choose children’s wallpapers with lighter, calming colors that help them relax and sleep. As for older children, it is possible to play a little with colors, but never loading the room with dark tones.

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Wall papers with drawing patterns.(Photo: Disclosure)

It is worth remembering that the color of the decoration on the walls must match the rest of the room, bedding, furniture, everything must match in some way.

A good one wallpaper ideas for boys room are those with patterns of shapes, such as those filled with balls, squares, with different little animals, planes, cars, dinosaurs, submarines, among others. Generally, rooms with these standards are best suited for young children.

Themed wallpapers (Photo: Disclosure)

themed wallpapers

In addition to the common wallpapers, with patterns of varied designs, there are still those with thematic designs. For example, a wallpaper inspired by the urban landscape, of a city full of buildings, which can compose a Batman room.

Wallpapers with pirate motifs, with the design of a large boat with sails, sea waves, an anchor, as well as a complementary wallpaper, which imitates exposed brick, completing the rustic style with wooden beds and trunks.

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