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Wallpaper for Bathrooms

Wallpaper for Bathrooms It is a widely used alternative today to replace conventional coatings and paints. Today, architects, designers and decorators opt for wallpaper to give their space style, modernity and good taste. To meet consumer demand, today, the market has developed several types of materials, specifically for decorating bathrooms with wallpaper. Check out the news and differentials of this type of decoration.

Wallpaper for Bathrooms. (Image: Disclosure).

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Wallpaper for Bathrooms – Advantages and differentials!

Wallpaper in the bathroom has become the first option for decorating homes and commercial establishments in Brazil. One of the differentials: they are practical and quick to install and do not produce waste, as in a common renovation. To install wallpaper in the bathroom, you don’t need specialized labor, that is, anyone can apply it to the wall.

Among the advantages of wallpaper is that they completely change the decoration of the room and result in an effect of style and elegance to the place. It doesn’t leave a smell like paint and has great durability. Manufacturers claim that wallpaper is three times more durable than wall paint and can last up to 12 years.

Wallpaper models and prices

There are many bathroom wallpaper options on the market. (Image: Disclosure)

With the heating up of the market for wallpaper in decorations, there are a variety of products available and accessible to the consumer. It is possible to find Wallpaper for Bathrooms in different prints, from flowery, those that imitate coatings to floral or neutral ones. Check out the variety of wallpaper templates.

– Wallpaper with a plaid pattern, in green tones, matte type, smooth with a painting look. It is sold in the 5 meter dimension by 0.58, 100% Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). It is easy to apply, as it already has an adhesive and therefore does not require the use of glue. The material is non-toxic and the differential is that it can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The value of the wallpaper on the market starts at R$ 27.56, on internet sites.

– Wallpaper 3D is also another model developed by the market to decorate bathroom with wallpaper. It is a paper that has texture, developed in a textured and resistant way. It is also made of PVC and can be kept clean with a damp cloth and neutral soap, without risk of staining or deterioration. The application of 5 rolls, in a standard size, costs from R$ 89.90.

– Washable wallpaper, in the vintage style, self-adhesive, is also another alternative to decorate bathrooms. You can find it from R$ 32.50.

Wallpaper care in bathrooms

You need to choose a specific bathroom wallpaper. (Image: Disclosure)

One of the main precautions that must be taken when applying wallpaper in bathrooms is with humidity. If it is in washrooms, there is no reason to worry, as there is no shower to cause deterioration, depending on the weather.

In large bathrooms, another differential is that there is good ventilation, so the Wallpaper for Bathrooms can be applied, away from steam and humidity.


The wallpaper makes the environment charming and elegant. (Image: Disclosure).

To solve the problem with humidity, the market has developed several types of wallpaper. Among them, those capable of mitigating the effects of steam in the environment. Some of the solutions found were wallpapers made of vinyl material, with PVC. The market also developed washable pieces, which have a resin protection layer that prevents the action of humidity.

Wallpaper is an efficient coating, capable of providing thermal control for a home. Therefore, think of a simple and easy-to-make decoration with the Wallpaper options for the Bathroom

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