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Wall stickers that imitate pastilles

Currently, having a modern and cozy home is not just a luxury, it is also fundamental for every family. With the ease of access we have to items of cheap and creative decoration for environmentswe can easily create a personalized and very attractive design for any room in our homes.

In this context, stickers that imitate pastilles have become something much sought after by people, since in addition to an affordable price, it is also possible to easily change the decoration of an environment. Learn more below:

Discover the stickers that are a great success in the market (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Discover the illusionist stickers

You illusionist stickers are the big news on the market for those who love to change the decor of a room. There are models of tile imitation stickersfloors, brick walls, wood, landscapes and even common everyday objects, such as lamps, chandeliers, frames, pictures and a list of other miscellaneous items.

However, the 3D models that give a real and very attractive look to your wall are also now fully available in stores, being ideal for those who live in a rented apartment and do not want to spend a lot of money to make the environment more cozy. .

The 3D adhesive tablet models are already available in stores (Photo: Disclosure)

Adhesive pad templates

You adhesive pad templates are suitable for any flat and smooth surface, such as walls, glass, ceramics, mirrors, appliances, furniture, metals, plastics, wood, among many others. Application is very simple: just clean the area where the adhesive will be glued and dry it, avoiding humid environments that could eventually damage the integrity of the material. Also, do not stick the stickers in places where there are infiltrations, cracks or wet paint.

Use your creativity to cover your environment with the adhesive tablets (Photo: Disclosure)

Numerous are the possible ways of make a coating with tablets, so it is necessary to be creative to create an environment that has your face. Mosaics are also great suggestions for those who want to have a unique and differentiated home. Therefore, here are some decorating ideas with sticky notes and get more inspiration:

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