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Wall stickers for a double bedroom: tips, photos

For some time now, decoration stickers have appeared on the market. They can be pasted anywhere in the house, although they are widely used on walls. They are an excellent alternative to make environments more cozy and even fun, depending on the model. They are also great for people who like to decorate their walls, but don’t want to drill them, filling them with nails or dowels. The stickers are graceful and contribute a lot to the decor. Therefore, it might be interesting to consider the idea of ​​using them on bedroom walls. See some tips from bedroom wall stickers🇧🇷

White sticker matches the furniture and contrasts with the wall (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Adhesive tips for a couple’s room

There is a very large number of wall sticker templates with trees, branches, leaves, birds and butterflies. They are a good option for those who want to decorate their environments using images of nature. However, so that the place does not become so childish, mainly because it is a double bedroom decoration, the tip is to opt for common models, which bring the figures in a single color. Afterwards, just choose the one that matches the environment.

In the image above, for example, we see a room where white and purple colors predominate. The wall made all the difference in the room. In order for the colors to be in balance, we chose the white sticker in the room🇧🇷 It made a nice contrast with the dark color, while balancing with the white furniture.

The bed blends into the fake garden (Photo: Disclosure)

In the image above, we see bedroom wall stickers that mimic a garden. Notice how the rest of the room favored neutral colors. The fake and red flowers give a kind of continuation to the couple’s bed, as if it were also a garden. It’s quite a creative idea, especially for people looking for headless bed solutions. The same idea for using stickers in the bedroom can be seen below, but in a more sober way.

Adhesive that imitates a bed headboard (Photo: Disclosure)

The sticker above is so realistic, its contours seem to come out of the wall. The idea is very interesting, as it creates a beautiful contrast between the modern and the old, as it is a bed headboard sticker old. Now, take a good look at this image and try to imagine this wall, without the decorative object. Surely, it would be much less interesting, wouldn’t it?

bedroom stickers pictures

So that your imagination is even sharper, we have selected some bedroom wall stickers pictures, very interesting. Check which one fits your style and create a much more cozy environment to rest with your love.

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