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Wall Paints

At wall paints are fundamental to the finishing of a house. They manage to transform the look of environments, inserting new colors and textures throughout the vertical area. This type of product is also essential to protect the home and make it more comfortable.

Wall Paints. (Photo: Disclosure)

People who are bored with their homes should bet on a new painting for the walls. By changing the finish, it is possible to leave the home with a new air and value the main trends in architecture and decoration.

What this article covers:

How to choose wall paints?

choose the ideal paint for painting the walls it’s not an easy task. The resident needs to consider a number of factors to be able to make the right choice. Check out some tips below:

• If the objective is to paint external environments, then the most appropriate option is to use acrylic paints. This type of product is resistant to sun and rain.

• There are many advantages to working with acrylic paint. As its composition is water-based, the smell is not so overpowering. The surface also tends to dry faster and this prevents the proliferation of fungi.

• If the objective is to disguise small imperfections on the wall, then it is recommended to use a matte acrylic paint.

• The satin acrylic paint is perfect for making the wall look more refined and with a soft shine.

• Latex paint, also called PVA, is one of the types of wall paints most used. It is water-based and guarantees a perfect finish for places where you don’t have to worry so much about maintenance.

Wall painting leaves the environment with new air. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Latex paint is cheaper than acrylic and only available in the market with a matte finish. It is indicated for painting the ceiling and internal walls, but it does not work in external environments.

• When choosing products for painting, it is fundamental to give preference to wall paint brands known and that have credibility in the market, as is the case of Suvinil and Coral.

• When choosing the wall paint colors, residents should beware of the screaming tones, as they tend to get sick. The ideal is to opt for soft colors that are more sophisticated than flashy.

• When painting the room’s walls with basic colors, it’s easier to hit combinations with furniture, curtains, rugs and accessories.

It is important to be careful with the choice of colors. (Photo: Disclosure)

• To find out if a particular paint color matches the environment, it’s worth using the wall paint simulator🇧🇷 This tool allows you to apply the new finish to your home photo.

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Where to buy wall paints?

At wall paints they are usually sold in specialized establishments or in construction material stores. On the internet, it is also possible to find some virtual stores that sell this type of product and carry out home delivery, as is the case of Leroy Merlin🇧🇷 roof north and the C&C🇧🇷

Search the wall paint prices to take advantage of the best deals.

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