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Wall Paints: Paint Colors and Prices

Read “Wall Paints: Colors and Prices of Paints – Suvinyl, Acrylic” to find out more about the products. Painting the house requires a series of care, which manifests itself from choosing the type of paint to the application work. Suvinil is a quality brand and guarantees a perfect finish for the home.

Wall Paints Colors and Prices of Paints – Suvinyl, Acrylic. (Photo: Disclosure)

Suvinil is a company specialized in the manufacture of paints. It was founded in 1961 and today stands out with the largest share of the market in which it operates. The brand’s catalog is made up of different types of products, such as acrylic paints.

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What this article covers:

Wall Paints: Colors and Prices of Paints – Suvinyl, Acrylic

Suvinil acrylic paint stands out as the ideal product to paint the walls of the house. It is water-based, ensures easy application and quick drying. Durability and resistance are also features that make the product one of the best on the market.

Suvinil is a leader in the paint market. (Photo: Disclosure)

Masonry walls have special finishing needs, which are met only with acrylic paint. The product usually performs well both indoors and outdoors. However, if the objective is to paint wood or metal, then base enamel stands out as the best option.

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Continue reading the articleWall Paints: Colors and Prices of Paints – Suvinyl, Acrylic”, because now we are going to present detailed information about the products of the acrylic line and their respective prices. Check out:

Suvinyl Ilumina Acrylic Paint. (Photo: Disclosure)

Suvinyl Illuminates: a paint with a semi-gloss finish, washable and that doesn’t infest the house with an unpleasant smell. To ensure maximum surface coverage, it is recommended to apply two to three coats. At Casa Show, an 18-liter can costs R$ 299.90.

Suvinil Protected Family: the product has antibacterial action, that is, it reduces 99% of bacteria on the walls for a period of two years. The paint is perfect for finishing the children’s room. At the Comercill store, the 18-liter package costs R$299.90.

Matte Suvinyl: if you don’t like a shiny finish then this is the product for you. The ink guarantees an opaque and perfect coverage. It also has the advantage of being washable and odorless. The price of the product (18 liters) at C&C is BRL 269.90.

Suvinil Silk Touch. (Photo: Disclosure)

Suvinyl Silk Touch: the paint guarantees a satin finish for the walls, leaving the environment with a more sophisticated air. The product, like the brand’s other acrylic paints, is washable and does not have a strong smell. The price of Suvinil Toque de Seda acrylic paint is R$ 289.90 at C&C.

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Suvinil wall paint colors

Suvinil’s color catalog is marked by variety. You can find all shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, blue green and violet. There are also palettes of neutral, pastel, metallic and off-white tones. To find out which color matches the wall in your home best, use the decoration simulator🇧🇷

Find more information about “Wall Paints: Colors and Prices of Paints – Suvinyl, Acrylic” accessing the website www.suvinil.com.br🇧🇷

Beware of cheap products

The consumer has to be aware of promotions and cheap products, especially when it comes to construction or renovation. In the case of paint, whether for painting an internal or external area, the consumer has to be very attentive to buy a good product, sometimes the cheapest one can be very expensive.

The first step is to choose the environment and in this story, every part has priority in the choice of paint, especially those antibacterial ones, which prevent mold, for example. These are usually more expensive, however, they are really tested and work for the final consumer. Today, the price of a rooster starts at R$150 and can reach R$400, but with a good search you can save a lot.

How to choose the right one?

In the past, people would buy the paint and only see its shade even when opening the can, today this reality is very different, especially in large stores. Today, stores like C & C, Telhanorte and others, offer the consumer a palette of paints and a machine that can mix shades or even pick a specific paint with another color, which results in more versatility.

To make this mix, the attendant is usually specialized or trained to stay only in this sector and through a machine, made available by the manufacturer itself, the seller mixes the colors chosen by the customer and in a few minutes the machine mixes and delivers the sealed can , all based on what the customer asked and the seller inserted into the machine. This novelty, of course, pleases everyone due to the access and transparency throughout the process. Everything is simple and fast!

Now, just by looking at the palette, you can define a color for the environment that will be renovated or just painted. It’s worth remembering that color mixes are usually more expensive, but that’s because the white paint goes, it’s already a price per can, plus an x ​​amount of color, which vary in value. Dark colors are more expensive!

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