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Wall Painting in Children’s Room

Decoration is a very important item in any environment, because we always intend to leave everything organized and perfect, in addition to being cozy, however, in order to leave it the way we want it, we need the help of a professional, to help with the composition of colors and furniture. , in addition to all the organization to make the environment more beautiful, if you are able to hire an interior designer, take advantage and make your environment charming and comfortable at the same time. Today we are going to talk about decoration, but focused on children, through photos and tips painting wall in children’s room🇧🇷

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Wall Painting in Children’s Room – Photos and Tips

THE children’s room decoration it is always an unknown, because there are so many things to place, that if you are going to place all the objects, the environment ends up being all disorganized, but the point that we want to draw attention to today is related to the wall painting in children’s room, it is recommended to use light colors where navy blue and pink are often used depending on whether it is a boy or a girl. But nowadays, there are already some techniques that make rooms more beautiful that will also be covered here, such as coverings children’s roomwall stickers and more.

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Wall Painting in Children's Room - Photos and Tips

There are several websites that give kids room painting tips and you can use them to paint your son’s or daughter’s room, one of them is the website Knowing your baby, which can be accessed through the link Knowing Your Baby so you can have countless tips for decorating your baby’s room .To find out more about how it can look, you can search for kids wall painting pictures and also find numerous models, some can be found on the blog http://aerografiabelcosta.blogspot.com/ which can serve as a basis.

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Another good, simpler option is to use wall stickers, there are several aimed at children of all ages and you can change them as each one grows older, spending less and having less rework over time, there are several sites that sell stickers, including Parede Moderna, which offers excellent prices and a large quantity in its catalog of stickers, access the site through the link http://www.paredemoderna.com.br/ and find out about all the models that can be used in children’s rooms.

And you internet user, do you know more about what kind of painting to do in a children’s room? Leave your suggestion and join us.

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