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Wall-mounted folding table – models, tips

The lack of space at home makes many people opt for the wall-mounted folding table. This piece of furniture is modern, compact and perfectly adapts to the needs of residents. Although simple and basic, the folding or retractable table can be found in various models on the furniture market.

Prices may vary according to the model and its functions, between 87.90 to 290.00 reais. A good source of research is sites like Buscapé and Mercado Livre.


The wall-mounted folding table can be used for individual meals.(Photo: Disclosure)

Even with so many options of folding tables available for sale in stores, the pieces have one thing in common: they are multifunctional. This factor makes the same piece assume different functions in the decoration and add functionality to the house.

The wall folding table supplies one of the main problems faced by residents when decorating the house, that is, the lack of space. The piece is the perfect solution for small environments, as it has a proportional size and can be easily folded so as not to occupy an area of ​​the house that would be used to place another piece of furniture or object.

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What this article covers:

Tips on folding tables

Modern, practical and compact, the wall folding table can be incorporated into decoration for different purposes. Many use the furniture to make meals, even though it is small and with limited proportions. There are also people who bet on the folding table to display decorative objects, organize utensils and even set up a study corner.

Modern, functional and easy to use furniture. (Photo: Disclosure)

Different rooms in the house combine with the folding table, such as the kitchen, bedroom, home office and living room. Regardless of the place, the table is fixed to the wall and can be closed after use without any problem. It is also important to point out that, depending on how the piece of furniture is installed, it becomes a different and modern decorative element🇧🇷

The kitchen is one of the environments most benefited by the folding table, after all, it has little space and serves as a setting for various day-to-day tasks. THE table with folding frame it will be a great alternative to take advantage of the vertical area (wall) and save the horizontal dimensions. In this way, residents will have proportional space for circulation and also to install other furniture.

This modern retractable table, when not in use, turns into a painting. (Photo: Disclosure)

The folding wall table has very simple mechanics to use: to close it, just lift the back and leave it flush with the wall. If the intention is to open the table to use it on some occasion, it is important to check the locking of the support.

If the resident wants to enjoy more practicality, he can opt for the fixed mode, that is, without the need to open and close the folding table at all times.

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wall mounted folding table models

there are several folding tables models available on the market, which vary in size, material, color, finish and way of use or wall mounting. In addition to the neutral versions, which bet on the white or wooden top, there is also the possibility of purchasing a personalized piece, that is, with some type of print on the support.

see below pictures of folding wall tables🇧🇷

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