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Wall decoration for the living room: 11 creative ideas

Decorating the room is always a good idea, but wall decoration for the room it can make all the difference in the environment and still make it incredibly different, without having to change the furniture, buy new items for the environment.

To inspire you to recreate a beautiful living room wall, we have separated 12 ideas for environments beyond special and refined for you to be inspired and create a charming space.

Learn how to transform the wall decoration for the living room: With these 12 tips and ideas

Illustrative image of cozy living room.

1. Use squares provided at different angles

Daring a strategic idea in the environment of paintings with an asymmetrical profile can be a good trick to take advantage of vacant spaces on your wall, decorate the room and also bring a contemporary touch to your wall decoration for the room.

But be careful not to weigh too much on the items in the space and make it too polluted.

2. How about a bicolor wall

Walls with two colors in an environment can bring an even more modern and clear air, renovating spaces in a simple way, after all, painting can give an effect on the wall of the space, bringing a new face and concept to your living room.

3. Table-style crockery

Providing sophisticated and well-designed crockery pieces on your living room wall decor can also be a nice trick to bring the space to life, even more so if you prefer a classic environment with a touch of color and design.

4. Make a wooded detail

For nature lovers, lots of colors, flowers, greenery and serenity, opting for plants or a small panel with artificial plants can be a very interesting trick to make your living room wall decoration much more beautiful and fresh.

See how to make a vertical garden – Here!

5. Dare in art

If you appreciate handmade paintings, works, oil paintings and everything that encompasses the world of artistic aesthetics, dare to make paintings, beautiful paintings available in the environment and combine them in an intelligent way, to enrich your room with history, beauty, colors and the luxury apart from art.

6. Motivational phrases

If your living room is more modern, with a lot of style, joviality and combined with more creative elements, you can dare to decorate the living room wall in a very different way, with a good motivational phrase printed on the wall of the space.

7. Mix materials and elements

Another valuable tip to finish off a space in an incredible way is to mix elements on your wall, that is, dare to put a wooden panel, half a wall, always bring this cooler touch to the decoration, after all, in this way you will achieve a more creative and original space by daring in the mix of materials used in the space.

8. Geometric paintings

Wall paintings do not necessarily need to be conventional, so painting geometric figures, for example, will make your room even more modern and clear, with a more relaxed and creative air.

9. Minimalist with style

For people who love simpler space, few colors, visual elements and objects, a good suggestion is to dare to decorate the wall in a smart way, texturing for example is a good option. You can put up a brick wall or even dare to use decorative plates in different formats and make the wall of this environment more elegant, without losing the minimal air.

10. Transform with wallpaper

It’s not news that wallpaper is an ally when it comes to transforming the wall decoration of any home’s living room, and yes, on the market there are different types of creative and ingenious wallpapers and you just need to find the perfect style that matches with the style of your living room.

11. Don’t forget shelves

Shelves are a classic in living room wall decor, however choosing sophisticated shelves and placing pictures, utensils and decorations on them is the key to reinventing the room decor in a magnificent way.

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