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Wall decoration for rooms

THE bedroom decor with wallpaper It’s a trend that rarely goes out of style. The finish has the ability to make the environment more comfortable and intimate, in addition to contributing significantly to the aesthetics of the room.

Decoration for rooms with wallpaper. (Photo: Disclosure)

The bedroom, whether single or double, is an area of ​​rest and tranquility. Residents stay in this space to study, have moments of intimacy and sleep. Decoration needs to be able to make the atmosphere more pleasant from the combination of colors and prints. Wallpaper, in turn, can help with this task.

Wallpaper has been around for many centuries. It began to be applied in European houses in 1481, as a way to symbolize status and prestige. Today, the material is very democratic and can decorate different rooms in the house, such as the bedroom.

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What this article covers:

Wallpaper makes the environment more cozy. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out some wallpaper tips for bedroom decor below:

choice of colors

The wallpaper chosen for the bedroom cannot have more than three colors, otherwise the look of the room will be too polluted. It is also important to understand the meaning of each tone: gold is classic, white is minimalist, pink is romantic and blue is calming. You can even work with warm colors in the room, like red and orange, but it’s important to be aware that they draw attention and can be tiring.

At wall decor for rooms, prints with small designs are appropriate for small spaces. Large figures, on the other hand, only match large rooms.

type of print

The floral print enhances the romantic style. (Photo: Disclosure)

Bedroom wallpaper models can be found in different types of prints. The choice of pattern largely depends on the style of decoration. For example, if the resident wants to add a touch of romanticism to the environment, he should opt for a floral print. A more classic room calls for arabesques, while a contemporary space comes to life with striped wallpaper.

beware of exaggeration

Wallpaper doesn’t have to cover the entire room. It can be applied to just one wall or two.

decorating tricks

When choosing wallpaper for your bedroom, know that there are some tricks that optimize the decor. If the goal is to expand a small environment, for example, then clear and neutral models are the most recommended.

The wallpaper needs to match the rest of the decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

Harmony with other items

Wallpaper colors and prints need to harmonize with bedding, curtains, furniture and so many other decor items. Balance is key when you end up making cheesy choices.

Do you still have questions about how to innovate your room with wallpaper? Then watch the video below and check out great tips:

bet on bedroom decor with wallpaperaccording to your style and the needs of the environment.

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