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‘Wacho’ Jiménez talks about the criticism after his rude mistake in the Chivas de Guadalajara goal

Miguel Jimenez

Photo: Rafael Vadillo / Imago7

Miguel ‘Wacho’ Jiménez was the center of attention a few days ago in Mexico, This was motivated by the fact that the Chivas de Guadalajara goalkeeper suffered a terrible mistake in the goal that generated a goal against his team, and at the same time, a tie in the Clausura 2023 of the Liga MX against the Gallos Blancos de Querétaro.

The play in question was at minute 78 ‘, the moment in which a free kick from Pablo Barrera surprised ‘Wacho’ Jiménez and he ended up escaping on the goal linethat is why he added to the score against the team from Guadalajara.

As expected, the criticism came against ‘Wacho’ Jiménez, who days later spoke exclusively for TUDN and stressed how difficult it was to recover from that mistake. In addition, he emphasized that his position on the court It is one of the most complicated, since all its errors are noticeable with the naked eye.

“Yes, the truth was hard, because one thing you least want to be wrong, You always want to give your best, give 100%, but at the end of the day you know that you are in a position that is like that, that there is success and error, where the error will be more noticeable and where you have to be strong-minded ”, the ‘Wacho’ Jiménez pointed out.

Suddenly the most unfair but I love it; What I have learned from life and from all this is to keep working, keep insisting and keep showing that you should be here, that nobody has given you anything, that you never stop fighting, many people will always speak well or badly”, added the Chivas de Guadalajara goalkeeper.

Without a doubt, Jiménez is one of the most criticized goalkeepers in Mexico, because Throughout his career he has sent different errors that have harmed the team, which in theory, should defend.

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