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VTExplorer, Virus Total Internet Explorer Add-on

One of the useful services related to Internet security is Virus Total. People from all over the world can use the network to analyze suspicious files or websites. Usage couldn’t be much easier than it currently is. Simply browse to a file on your computer and click the Submit File button to submit a file for inspection, or switch to the Submit a URL tab to paste a website address into the form you want to analyze.

Users who want a bit of convenience can install one of the available browser extensions to submit sites and files directly from an Internet browser to Virus Total. We already reviewed the Virus Total Firefox and Virus Total Chrome extensions above. This time, we take a look at the Internet Explorer version of Virus Total.

The Internet Explorer version of Virus Total is limited compared to the Chrome or Firefox version. Unlike the versions that embed not only in the browser’s right-click context menu but also in the file download dialog, the Internet Explorer version only embeds in the context menu.


When you install the Internet Explorer add-on, you will notice afterwards that a Submit URL to VirusTotal entry has been added to the context menu of Internet Explorer. This option is only displayed when right-clicking links, and not if the user right-clicks other elements on the page. Basically, this means that you can’t really check the site you’re currently on, unless you link to yourself somewhere on the page.

Another issue users may encounter is that the context menu entry will always send the URL to Virus Total’s URL scanner, even if a file is the target of the link. It is possible to switch to the antivirus report in that report, but it takes another click to load it.


The plugin definitely has its flaws, from the limitations of the context menu to the fact that it is always the page that is scanned, even if the link points directly to a file. However, the Explorer plugin is still useful and faster than having to send file links or URLs directly to the Virus Total website.

Virus Total Explorer is compatible with all recent versions of Microsoft’s Internet browser. Downloads are provided on the Virus Total website. Unfortunately, there is no option to link directly to the page where the download is offered. Open the Browser Add-ons page and switch to Internet Explorer in the menu below to find information and downloads. (via)

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