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Voter Title Consultation | Consult Voter Title Status

One of the most important things nowadays without a doubt is the issue of democracy, and know that we can express ours through votes, the candidates we elect will certainly bring (or not) benefits to our society, so it is important that each election you choose them carefully.

Re-registration of voter registration. Find out how to make yours through your state.

What this article covers:

Voter Title Consultation

Now you can be doing your online voter registration consultations through the website of the TSE (higher electoral court), which offers you a series of services related to the subject, just visit the website and click on the option “Consulta por title”. Know that if there is any problem on election day that prevents you from voting, the justification must be made as soon as possible.

By carrying out these options mentioned above, you will be able to check your voter registration statusif there are any doubts, you can contact the TSE at the address, or through the telephone numbers that will be requested below:

  • Superior Courts Square – Block C – South Autarquias Sector
  • Brasilia – DF – 70096-900 – Brazil
  • Tel: (+55-61) 3316-3000

Already in the case of query by TSE name, you must also access the official website and click on the “Consulta por Nome” option highlighted in the menu on the home page, both are one of the first options available in the “Electoral Status” sector. Then just provide the necessary information regarding you to carry out the queries.

Below you will find all the regional courts in the country to be able to consult your voter registration:

regional courts

TRE Telephone site
Acre (68) 3212 4401 www.tre-ac.jus.br/
Alagoas (82) 2122 7700 www.tre-al.jus.br/
Amapá (96) 2101 1525 www.tre-ap.jus.br/
amazon (92) 3632 4499 www.tre-am.jus.br
bahia (71) 3373 7000 www.tre-ba.jus.br/
Ceará (85) 3453 3500 www.tre-ce.jus.br/
Federal District (61) 3048 4000 www.tre-df.jus.br/
Holy Spirit (27) 21218500 www.tre-es.jus.br/
Goias (62) 3920 4010 www.tre-go.jus.br/
Maranhao (98) 2107 8888 www.tre-ma.jus.br/
Mato Grosso (65) 3362 8000 www.tre-mt.jus.br/
Mato Grosso do Sul (67) 2107 7000 www.tre-ms.jus.br/
Minas Gerais (31) 3291 0004 www.tre-mg.jus.br/
For (91) 3213 4500 www.tre-pa.jus.br/
Paraíba (83) 3512 1200 www.tre-pb.jus.br/
Paraná (41) 3330 8500 www.tre-pr.jus.br/
Pernambuco (81) 3194 9200 www.tre-pe.jus.br/
Piauí (86) 2107 9700 www.tre-pi.jus.br/
Rio de Janeiro (21) 3436 9000 www.tre-rj.jus.br/
large northern river (84) 4006 5600 www.tre-rn.jus.br/
Rio Grande do Sul (51) 3294 8000 www.tre-rs.jus.br/
Rondônia (69) 3211 2000 www.tre-ro.jus.br/
roraima (95) 2121 7000 www.tre-rr.jus.br/
Santa Catarina (48) 3251 3700 www.tre-sc.jus.br/
Sao Paulo (11) 3130 2000 www.tre-sp.jus.br/
sergipe (79) 3209 8600 www.tre-se.jus.br/
Tocantins (63) 3229 9500 www.tre-to.jus.br/

Step by step to consult the Voter Title:

  1. Access the TSE website??
  2. Fill in the fields with your data;
  3. Click on “Consult” and that’s it!

Well, now you know what your constituency is. Easy, practical and you don’t need any documents to consult, nor do you need to use the CPF to consult.

To vote, you need to bring your voter registration card and an original photo ID. If you really don’t know where your title is, don’t worry, the TSE has created an application called e-Título, which is a virtual version of your document and you can use it.

A new form of voter registration registrationthe same is called biometric re-registration, it works through fingerprints, which is much more practical for voters.

You must pay attention to your re-registration through Biometrics. In 2018 alone, more than 3 million voters had their titles canceled for not having completed the biometric registration. By consulting the information above, you will be able to verify whether or not your title has been cancelled.

You already have all the information you need to regularize voter registrationknow that this procedure is very important for you to be able to vote in the next elections, well that’s it, we hope we have helped you.

Not having the documentation regularized makes you run some risks:

Take the passport;
Participate in public tenders;
Take or renew the identity document;
Make loans;
Irregularity in the Voter Title can cause problems with the Federal Revenue and lead to the suspension of your CPF.

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