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Voice notes as status, what’s coming for WhatsApp • ENTER.CO

Since they appeared we have given them a lot of use, but voice notes as a status is something a bit unexpected for WhatsApp.

It turns out that the company is now working on the possibility of placing your voice notes as a status on your WhatsApp profile. Of course, it is a development that is ongoing and that could come in the next platform updates, but we already know how it would work. Obviously, you may be part of the team voice notes or that, on the contrary, you completely hate them. This update could become a new trend within the messaging app.

WhatsApp is one of the applications that is renewed and updated with new functions more times in the year. Therefore, it is not surprising that both its iPhone and Android users are not always aware of new features. Since July, this possibility of having voice notes in the states has been known, but only now is the development planned for the next updates known. At least this is what the Beta versions of this app demonstrate.

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But beware that this functionality will have some features that you should consider. In principle you won’t be able to load a ‘podcast’, but a short voice note (30 seconds) and this will depend on your privacy settings. The interface it will work with will be very similar to how you do your statuses today. Except now you will have an additional button at the bottom in the center of the screen with the microphone icon.

When you decide on this publishing option, you will also have the option to change the background color of the status. And the display of the voice memo will be done as if it were a speech bubble in the state. The voice memo will play automatically once the status is opened and will be protected by end-to-end encryption.

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