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VocabTest, free vocabulary test

I remember the Latin and English vocabulary tests when I was in school. I always disliked learning for those exams as it was one of the most boring activities for me. Back then I didn’t have electronic aids like computer vocabulary software to aid learning. While there were some programs for the old Commodore C-64 and Amiga, they weren’t really that practical to use.

Users who need to learn their foreign words today have a wide variety of online services and software programs at their disposal. This includes the Vocabulary Trainer, the Vocabulary Builder, Words or five essential tools for learning a language.

Free Vocab Test is another program designed specifically for students studying for standardized tests like the GRE, TOEFL, and SAT, but it’s also useful for anyone else who wants to improve their vocabulary in a particular language.

vocabulary test

The free vocabulary test software is preconfigured with lists of three words for advanced and intermediate English learners. An interesting feature of the software is the ability to download additional word lists and quizzes from within the software. Available for selection are, for example, GRE Word Lists, Easily Confused Words, or Barrons 504 Absolute Core Words.

Each new word list that is selected in this way is automatically added to the program. Furthermore, it is possible to load word lists from the computer, create a new word list and edit an existing word list, for example by adding new words to it.

The vocabulary program not only comes with options to create and use word lists, but also quiz options. You must first select a list of words and use the Quiz menu at the top to load the quiz interface.

vocabulary test

The program lists the available words in groups such as never tried, unknown, or familiar. The counts change during a test. It supports both a multiple choice test and a spelling test. Both tests ask you to choose an answer based on a word’s definition and synonyms.

Windows users can download the learning software from the developer’s website. It is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Windows operating system.

To update: The free vocabulary test home page is no longer available. I suggest you choose one of the alternatives listed at the top of this article.

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